British Gas offers two smart EV charging solutions - the compact EO Mini Pro 3 and the robust 7.4kW Alfen Eve S.

The cost of an EV charger depends on who is applying because there are Government grants available to some buyers.

You don't need a smart meter to install an EV charger, but you do need a smart meter to purchase an EV tariff - so it's worth getting one anyway.

Before installing an EV charger, you must notify your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) if your load demand is 60amps or more.

Installing an EV charger does not require rewiring your house. The electrical work is usually confined to creating the new circuit between the consumer unit and charger.

An EV tariff offers lower prices per kWh at certain times or when charging an EV.

Electric cars are predicted to get cheaper over time with the latest estimates pegging price parity with ICE cars by 2026.

Need an EV charger but not sure where to start? This guide covers everything you need to know.

Like the fuel economy estimates for petrol cars, WLTP gives consumers a starting point rather than a guarantee on electric vehicle range.

Charging an EV at home will increase your electricity bill by 30% per month on average.

EVs accounted for over 16% of sales, up from under 10% a year ago. This is remarkable growth given challenges. The direction is clearly towards EVs, even if the pace frustrates some.

The study compared Tesla vehicles that were fast charged over 90% of the time to those fast charged less than 10% of the time. It found virtually no difference in battery degradation rates between the two groups.

Is it worth getting a home charger for faster and safer charging?

Charging your electric car with an extension cord could cause a fire. Only do it in emergencies.

Electric vehicles have a temperamental range - this article explores the biggest energy sappers.