Behold, electrification!

Top Charger is a British electric vehicle publication. We produce authoritative, independent reviews and guides for electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

We cover the intersection between chargers, charging infrastructure and electric vehicles to keep you informed about what’s new and useful.

The world is embracing electrification faster than the old world adopted steam. We are here to document the transition and help people make the most of it.

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Our Mission

We aim to produce the highest-quality EV charger reviews and guides, created without bias to accelerate the adoption of high-quality chargers. Chargers are advancing at a rapid rate – we aim to keep up with them.

Our values

Always do our best – high-quality, accurate content without bias.

Always be learning – there is no end to education, it’s a lifelong process.

Trust the process – life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Be authentic – unique content that is unlike anything anywhere else.

Respect the environment – low-emission hosting + renewable electricity.

Collaborate With Us

Top Charger relies on advertising and sponsorship revenue to create content. We are open to collaborations with charger brands, vehicle manufacturers, charge point installers and retailers.

Please email info@topcharger.co.uk to get started.