Lithium-sulfur batteries offer several times the capacity of lithium-ion batteries - up to five times more - but they have a trade-off that makes them unviable.

3-pin sockets add around 8 miles of driving range per hour. So, if you drive 60 miles per day, you can replenish that range in just seven and a half hours overnight.

The funding will provide critical support across EV manufacturing, supply chains and R&D from 2025 over a 5-year timeframe.

This durable 5m cable is crush-proof and weather resistant, delivering up to 7.2kW of power.

This Type 2 charging cable can handle loads of up to 7.68KW and is rated up to 32A. 

A fast, flexible, 3.3kW Type 2 to 3 Pin Plug charger with adjustable outputs, smart safety features, and a durable waterproof design.

The charter outlines six key principles that the organisations believe should serve as minimum standards for the electric vehicle charging industry.

The charger kit includes a Power Meter 1 Phase 100A for solar charging and smart load balancing and a cable dock to keep your cable holstered and tidy.

The evec EV Charger (VEC01 model) is an excellent option that balances performance, safety, and affordability.

Despite its smaller size, the Titan charger is built tough. It's made from industrial grade ABS plastic with an IP55 weather resistance rating.

At its core, the EQ 200 is a Level 2 EV charger that provides up to 22kW of output power.

Electric vehicle maker Polestar has announced a new partnership with smart charging company Ohme to become its official home charging supplier in the UK.

A recent investigation by What Car? has revealed serious safety concerns with aftermarket electric vehicle charging cables purchased online.

There are now bargains to be had on used EVs. For dealers able to source the right stock, strong profits are possible.

Volvo Cars has launched a new business unit, Volvo Cars Energy Solutions, to capitalise on the vehicle-to-home opportunity as EV adoption grows exponentially.