Our favourite small EV charger is the Ohme Home Pro, which makes our list along with four other home chargers.

The cost of an EV charger depends on who is applying because there are Government grants available to some buyers.

You don't need a smart meter to install an EV charger, but you do need a smart meter to purchase an EV tariff - so it's worth getting one anyway.

Installing an EV charger does not require rewiring your house. The electrical work is usually confined to creating the new circuit between the consumer unit and charger.

We’ve listed all the best EV chargers you can buy in this guide, including Type 2 chargers, 3-pin chargers, and commando socket chargers ideal for campsites.

Discover the best EV charging cables including Type 2 to Type 2 charging cables, and Type 2 to 3-pin charging cables.

plug to charge at home is easy, but slow. 3-pin sockets charge at 2kW to 2.3kW max, so it's the slowest type of charging available.

A fast, flexible, 3.3kW Type 2 to 3 Pin Plug charger with adjustable outputs, smart safety features, and a durable waterproof design.

Like the fuel economy estimates for petrol cars, WLTP gives consumers a starting point rather than a guarantee on electric vehicle range.

Despite its smaller size, the Titan charger is built tough. It's made from industrial grade ABS plastic with an IP55 weather resistance rating.