In our experience, charging an electric car overnight with a 3-pin plug is perfectly safe if done correctly.

AC and DC chargers have one fundamental difference: how power is converted from AC to DC for the battery.

Not every electric car can tow a caravan, but there are plenty that will.

plug to charge at home is easy, but slow. 3-pin sockets charge at 2kW to 2.3kW max, so it's the slowest type of charging available.

Discover the best EV charging cables including Type 2 to Type 2 charging cables, and Type 2 to 3-pin charging cables.

Power your house, charge another car, supplement the grid. Anything goes with V2X.

If you want an 11kW charger, you must upgrade to a three-phase power supply, which requires modifications to your electrical installation.

With EV chargers, the devil is in the details. Small decisions like charging capacity and cable length make a big difference in convenience and costs over time.

The race for 0-62mph in less than a second is enthralling, but our interest in future battery technologies for electric vehicles is even greater.