Want an untethered charger? These are your best options.

Technology company StoreDot has shown off its next-generation semi-solid battery that delivers a 0-80% charge in ten minutes.

The answer depends on whether your car is charging slowly at home or in public.

The QUBEV charger unlocks 7.2kW charge speeds on the cheap with no smart features.

The best EV home chargers with solar support make charging with renewable energy easy.

Charger sharing could help to fuel EV uptake and solve the UK's patchy public charger problem.

Our favourite small EV charger is the Ohme Home Pro, which makes our list along with four other home chargers.

Gridserve has replaced 130 motorway chargers based on obsolete technology, bringing faster charging speeds, contactless payments and more connectors.

Power your house, charge another car, supplement the grid. Anything goes with V2X.

AC and DC chargers have one fundamental difference: how power is converted from AC to DC for the battery.