BG SyncEV Charger Review

BG Sync EV charger review

The BG SyncEV is a 7.4kW home charger capable of replenishing your battery with up to 28-miles of range per hour. It’s available as a tethered and socketed model, with the tethered model getting a standard cable length of 7.5m.

With a maximum output of 7.4kW, the BG Sync EV can fully charge most EVs in 3-4 hours. This speed makes it ideal as a home charger.

The charger has smart capabilities via Wi-Fi, allowing timed charging schedules through a smartphone app. It is also able to dynamically adjust the charging rate based on house energy usage to prevent tripping the main fuse.

But is it any good? let’s find out!

Note: this charger is available as the BG SyncEV Socket Wall Charger 2, model number EVWC2S7G (this is the untethered model), and the BG SyncEV Tethered Wall Charger, model no: EVWC2T7G. Our review covers both these models with images. There’s also a 22kW three-phase model available for commercial installations, model no: EVWC2S22GR. There’s also the EVS7GGR-02 BG SyncEV socketed charger with RFID, making it ideal for charger sharing with card access.

Price: £900.00 Untethered with a standard installation.

BG Sync EV

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Smart home charger
Build quality
Ease of installation
Charging experience


With its integrated safety features, neat cable wrap, and control via the user-friendly Monta app, it provides a complete charging solution. Backed by BG’s trusted quality and support in the UK, the BG Sync EV is an excellent choice for reliable and flexible home charging.


This review was produced in collaboration with 247EV, installers of home and workplace chargers. We extend our thanks to them for the photos and insights used in this review. Be sure to visit their website if you like what you see!

Installation notes

  • Installation of the BG Sync EV is designed to be simple for an electrician. Fixing points allow vertical and horizontal adjustment, and a template is included for drilling cable holes.
  • The charger has built-in 30mA Type A RCD protection, removing the need for a separate RCD in the consumer unit in most cases. Earthing requirements are also simplified thanks to the charger’s earth monitoring system, which disconnects the earth when a fault is detected rather than requiring an earth rod.
  • The charger is supplied with a CT clamp for dynamic load management. 
  • The unit allows for bottom or rear cable entry. The three connections (Live, Neutral, Earth) use easy push-fit connectors, and the CT cable for dynamic load balancing plugs into a small 2-pin connector.
  • In the box you get 5x Base Fixing Caps, 5x Assembly Lid Bolts, 1x Blanking Plug, 1x 25mm Compression Gland, User-Side Connector, and a Cord Grip.
BG Sync EV charger installation

Overall, the BG Sync EV installation process is faster and more straightforward than that of many competitor models.

BG Sync EV charger install

Fast review facts

  • Compliance: The BG Sync EV is fully compliant with The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021, including Schedule 1. This ensures the charger meets the latest standards for smart charging capabilities mandated for all new UK EV chargers.
  • Connectivity: Built-in WiFi and ethernet allow connectivity to smartphone apps for smart charging features. The charger receives over-the-air firmware updates to maintain compliance with evolving standards. It is ready for use with the smart charging platform, with an license included in the package.
  • Smart Charging: With support for OCPP 1.6J, the BG Sync EV is equipped for smart grid integration. It can modulate charging rates based on variable tariffs and respond to demands on the grid.
  • Dynamic Charging: The maximum charging rate is 7.4kW (32A), which can charge most EVs from 0-100% in 3-4 hours. The output is dynamically managed between 6-32A to work with any EV’s onboard charger and avoid overload.
  • Earthing Arrangement: An integrated PEN conductor protection system removes the need to install a separate earth rod, simplifying installation. It monitors for earth faults and will deactivate charging if detected.
  • Safety Features: The BG Sync EV has integrated 30mA Type A RCD protection for electrical safety, plus 6mA DC fault protection. Combined with the PEN system, this ensures complete protection without needing an external RCD.
  • Tethered Model: The tethered BG Sync EV comes with a 7.5m cable and Type 2 connector, allowing convenient charging without additional cables. The cable wraps around the unit for tidy storage.
  • Stand compatibility: It is compatible with the BG SyncEV single and twin charger stands, providing an alternative to wall mounting.
  • Warranty: Each BG Sync EV comes with a 3-year warranty as standard, giving peace of mind to owners.

The BG SyncEV is a smart 7.4kW home EV charger with app control, load balancing, and OCPP smart grid compliance. Our review found it provides fast charging, flexible features, and reliable performance. Backed by BG’s quality, it’s an excellent choice for hassle-free home charging.


The BG Sync EV charger is constructed from UV-stabilised polycarbonate with an interchangeable front fascia, letting you change the colour of your unit.

BG Sync EV charger review

As mentioned, the charger comes in tethered and socket versions. The tethered model includes an integrated cable wrap to neatly stow the 7.5m cable and connector when not in use. Both models are compact in size at 305x201x115mm.

BG Sync EV charger review

Four fixing points on the rear allow it to be mounted to any wall surface, with the fascia proving extremely robust with frequent use.

Charging Experience

The BG Sync EV is operated through the “Monta” smartphone app. This allows monitoring of current and historical energy use, creating charging schedules, and smart tariff charging.

Without using the app, the charger can operate in a simple “plug and charge” mode, automatically starting charging when a car is connected.

BG Sync EV charger review

The charger’s status is clearly shown via the LED light bar on the front. This displays standby, charging, error and network modes through different solid and flashing colours.

Charging current can be varied from 6A up to the maximum 32A in 1A increments. This allows the charger output to be matched to the car’s onboard charger rating. Load balancing works by dynamically reducing the charging rate when house energy usage is close to maximum.

The charger can also integrate with an external EV meter connected via RS485, removing the need for a separate meter unit.

Overall, the BG Sync EV provides a user-friendly charging experience while maximising flexibility.

App Experience

Using the BG Sync EV as a simple power socket is easy-peasy, but what about all those smart features? Those are handled by the Monta app. The initial setup is easy.

The first step is to download the app onto your phone or tablet. This app allows you to connect to the charger via Bluetooth.

Monta app for the BG Sync EV

Next, power on the BG Sync EV charger. The light indicator will glow yellow when ready. Open the BG EV app and connect to the charger using the Bluetooth instructions on the back label. The password for the charger is provided on the identification labels along with the charger ID.

Now connect the charger to the internet using WiFi, LAN, or 4G. The server URL is automatically populated with Monta, this can be changed in the drop-down menu to EV.Energy or the SyncEV app depending on the preference or necessary functionalities needed for a particular installation. Click Set to save these details.

Monta app for the BG Sync EV

The charger will reboot after 5-10 minutes. If connected properly, the light will turn from flashing yellow to solid blue, indicating communication is active. Other light signals: flashing blue means preparing, green is charging, and red indicates a fault.

Finally, add the charger to your Monta account through the app or portal. The app guide has instructions for connecting it to your account. The portal guide also explains the process. Once added, you can fully control and monitor charging via Monta.

The app itself is one of the better ones on the market, holding a solid 4.3/5 rating on the App Store and a lower 3.6/5 rating on Google Play.

It lets you schedule charging, view your charging rate, monitor sessions, and stop-start charging. The functionality works well and we like the interface.

The Monta app provides full control over your electric vehicle’s charging needs. Download the free app to set smart charging schedules, choosing when your EV charges based on lowest energy cost or greenest energy availability. Save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Through the app, access over 200,000 public charging stations across networks. Reserve select charge points ahead of time to ensure availability.

Share and monetise your own charger through the Monta app. Decide exactly who can access your charger, whether other household members, select friends, or the general public. Set customised pricing and time restrictions per user. The app also enables self-healing to keep your charger working properly, and 24/7 customer support is available via chat or email.

Standards & Compliance

The BG Sync EV complies with the following standards:

  • IEC61851-1 and IEC61439-7 for EV charging systems
  • IEC62955 for electrical safety
  • BS EN62196 and IC 61851-21-2 for plugs, socket outlets, connectors and inlets
  • EN 301 489-3 and EN 301 511 for EMC and radio spectrum matters
  • It meets the requirements of S.I. 2021 No. 151, The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021, for smart chargers sold in the UK.
  • The charger carries full CE and UKCA safety certification.

The Verdict

With its simple installation, flexible charging options and compliance with the latest standards, the BG Sync EV is an excellent choice as a home or small workplace 7kW EV charger, and it makes our list of the best EV chargers.

BG Sync EV charger review

It offers most of the key features needed – weatherproof construction, app control, load balancing, and compact size – at a competitive price point.

The BG Sync EV ticks all the boxes for those wanting a fuss-free and reliable UK-made EV charger. The included 3-year warranty gives peace of mind to EV owners.

Made in the UK, it has integrated safety features and simplified installation. It is an excellent choice for reliable and flexible home charging.

BG Sync EV alternatives

Check out the Ohme ePod, Ohme Home Pro, Hypervolt Home 3 Pro, and Zaptec Go.


James Lewis is our resident electrical head. He drives an MG ZS EV (2018, which he loves) and plans to get the new one soon. James is much more excited by the lower end of the EV market and is looking forward to the Ora Cat.