Hypervolt Home 3 Pro Review

Hypervolt Home 3 Pro Review

The Hypervolt Home 3 Pro is a powerful and feature-rich electric vehicle charger designed for home use. With a maximum output of 7.4kW, it can charge most electric vehicles quickly and efficiently.

In terms of design, the Home 3 Pro has an attractive, minimalist aesthetic with a durable polycarbonate and nylon casing. It comes in three colour options – white, black, and grey – so it can blend into most home environments. The LED lights that wrap around the unit provide charging status and look sleek when illuminated.

A major highlight of the Home 3 Pro is the flexible connectivity options. It supports both Type 1 and Type 2 charging cables, with lengths of 5m, 7.5m, or 10m available to suit different home setups. The charger connects to your home Wi-Fi network and can be controlled via the Hypervolt app. Bluetooth is also built-in for local control.

Safety and compliance with industry standards are also key strengths. The unit has integrated DC residual current detection to prevent electric shocks. External AC protection is still required, but the Home 3 Pro adds an extra layer of safety. It meets the latest UK and EU regulations for electric vehicle charging equipment.

Manufactured in the UK to minimise carbon emissions and support local industry, the Home 3 Pro makes charging at home effortless and is a direct replacement to the Hypervolt Home 2.0 and Home 3.0.

But is it the right smart home charger for you? Our review reveals all below.

Hypervolt Home 3 Pro

Jakk Ogden

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The Hypervolt Home 3 Pro packs smart features like app control and solar integration into a sleek, user-friendly design. With speedy charging, maximised solar self-consumption, and intuitive operation, it’s an excellent choice for fuss-free daily EV charging.


This review was produced in collaboration with 247EV, installers of home and workplace chargers. We extend our thanks to them for the photos and insights used in this review. Be sure to visit their website if you like what you see!

Installation notes

  • There is a new bracket style mount and design, making it easier to flat mount the charger against any surface versus the Home 2.0 and 3.0.
  • Alongside the standard CT clamp connection provided in the Home 3 Pro for dynamic load management and solar integration, the charge point has the option of a second CT clamp.
    Whilst currently this connection is not in use, it will eventually allow for an additional CT clamp to be fitted to battery storage – Hypervolt are currently working on the software to allow this to go live in the near future.
  • Technically, the second CT clamp could be installed straight away, and the firmware would send the data to the backend; however, there is no cloud or app support at this stage, so customers won’t be able to see the energy exported from the battery just yet!
  • Already a favourite amongst homeowners with PV, once the second CT clamp can be fully utilised the Hypervolt Home 3 Pro will be the ideal charge point for consumers with PV/Battery setup.

Installation photos

Hypervolt Home 3 Pro
The circuitry for the Hypervolt Home 3 Pro is pre-configured. All the electrician needs to do is wire it up and test.
Hypervolt Home 3 Pro
The soldering and general quality of the internals on the Hypervolt Home 3 Pro is extremely high. Top marks from us!

Hypervolt 3.0 vs Hypervolt Home 3 Pro

Those considering the Home 3 Pro and Home 3.0 are better served by the new Home 3 Pro, which has several upgrades:

  • The Home 3 Pro features a brand new bespoke bracket design and new LEDSafe connector for faster, seamless installations, 120Hz rich LEDs, the highest grade UV resistant plastic is used both for the cover and the holster which will prevent the charge point from discolouring in sunlight even further.
  • The completely sealed backbox of the charger gives IP66 and IK10 rating against any ingress, which is a massive improvement as it makes the unit more durable and resilient overall, further extending its lifespan. It also allows an easy and safe cover swap for a refresh, without the need for a qualified electrician.
  • The new holster has a much smaller angle against the wall, meaning it sticks out less, making it more ergonomic. The new bespoke holster is also made from top grade UV resistant material to prevent it from losing its premium colour over time.

Hypervolt Home 3 Pro Design

The Home 3 Pro is available in white, black, and grey. It has a matte finish on the faceplate alongside Hypervolt’s trademark volt logo, backlit with LEDs. Those LEDs serve as status lights, giving you an indication of what the charger’s doing.

The dimensions are 328 (H) x 243 (W) x 101(D) mm, with the unit being mountable on either a wall or pole with cable entry from the rear.

Smart features and control

The Hypervolt app really unlocks the full potential of the Home 3 Pro charger. It provides granular control and monitoring of your charging sessions.

You can start/stop charging, view real-time power consumption data, and create charging schedules tailored to your daily routine and electricity tariff. The app makes it easy to monitor charging costs and optimise your usage.

The different charging modes are also very handy. Boost mode provides the fastest charging speed possible to quickly top up your EV’s battery when you’re in a hurry.

Eco modes balance charging speed with efficiency, and work well when paired with solar power generation, making the Home 3 Pro one of the best chargers for solar panels. The Super Eco solar-only mode is ideal for maximising self-consumption of solar energy.

Automatic load management is an essential feature for any home EV charging system. The Home 3 Pro actively balances the overall load on your electrical supply so that other appliances can run without tripping the mains. The charger adapts its output in real-time based on current household demand. This prevents power outages and electrical faults.

Home 3 Pro Holster
The Home 3 Pro’s holster is a robust piece of kit, firmly fixing to the wall with no play.

In terms of convenience, the long 10m charging cable, illuminated LED ring showing charge status, and compact wall-mounted design make the Home 3 Pro very user-friendly.

The cable length means you can park further away and still reach the charger. The LED ring indicates charging progress at a glance. And the slim, wall-mounted unit doesn’t take up space in your garage.

LED status lights

The LED light ring on the Hypervolt Home 3 Pro provides an intuitive visual indicator of the charger’s status:

  • Solid or pulsing blue indicates the charger is ready and waiting for a vehicle to connect. A pulsing white light means there is no internet connection.
  • Green lights signify a charging session is actively in progress. The more LEDs lit, the higher the charging rate. A flashing green light means charging is delayed by a random delay function.
  • A solid purple light shows the charger is in Scheduled Charging mode but no car is connected. When pulsing purple, it’s waiting to begin a scheduled charge.
  • Orange indicates the charger is locked and unavailable for use. Flashing orange means someone tried to use the locked charger.
  • Yellow signifies charging has been stopped, either due to solar energy limitations in Super Eco mode (solid light) or because it was stopped via the app (pulsing).
  • Finally, a red LED indicates a fault. The safety system has activated and charging has been halted.

The intuitive light ring makes it easy to understand what state your Home 3 Pro is in from a distance. Whether checking charging status from indoors or troubleshooting an issue, the LED ring provides visible peace of mind that your charger is operating as intended. The variety of colors and patterns gives clear insight into the charger’s status at a glance.

Hypervolt app

The clean, intuitive Hypervolt app makes it simple to monitor and configure your Home 3 Pro charger. The home screen provides an overview of charging status and usage data. You can start/stop charging and switch between chargers.

Under Settings, you can view technical information about your charger, network connectivity, and firmware version. More importantly, this is where you can configure charging schedules, modes, and other preferences.

A key advantage of the app is the ability to switch between Plug & Charge and Scheduled Charging modes. Plug & Charge starts charging as soon as the cable is connected. Scheduled Charging only operates during time slots you specify, which is useful for optimising costs.

Solar charging modes are fantastic for maximising self-consumption of solar energy. Super Eco uses solar only, Eco prioritises solar but falls back to grid, and Boost uses all available power to charge at maximum speed.

Creating charging schedules is straightforward through the app. You simply select Scheduled Charging, choose your time slots, days of the week, and preferred charging mode for each schedule.

Finally, you can lock and unlock the charger remotely through the app. This provides security and prevents unauthorised use of your Home 3 Pro.

With real-time status information and total control over charging modes, schedules, and security, the Hypervolt app makes it effortless to manage your home EV charging. The intuitive interface and breadth of options let you tailor charging to fit your lifestyle.

Standards and compliance

The Hypervolt Home 3 Pro meets all the latest standards and regulations for electric vehicle charging equipment in the UK and EU. This ensures the product is safe, reliable, and future-proof. Some of the key compliance considerations are:

  • It is fully compliant with the Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021, which cover the safety, security, and grid-balancing capabilities of EV chargers. Meeting these strict UK regulations is essential.
  • For electrical safety, it adheres to EN IEC 61851-1:2019 standards for EV conductive charging systems. It also complies with EN 62196-1:2014 and IEC TS 61439-7:2014, providing complete electrical safety assurance.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility regulations are met through compliance with EN IEC 61851-21-2:2021 and EN 55032:2015 standards. This ensures the charger does not interfere with other electrical devices, and vice versa.
  • The radio equipment and wireless connectivity of the Home 3 Pro adheres to the EU’s 2014 Radio Equipment Directive. This covers WiFi and Bluetooth signal standards.
  • For environmental standards, the Home 3 Pro complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive 2011/65/EU. This restricts the use of hazardous materials.
  • The high ingress protection rating of IP66 ensures the charger can withstand jetting water streams and is dust-tight. It also has impact protection rating of IK10, meaning it is resistant to vandalism and blunt impacts.

The verdict

With its 7.4kW charging capacity, smart features like app control and solar integration, and a durable, sleek design, the Hypervolt Home 3 Pro packs impressive capabilities into a compact, user-friendly package, easily making our list of the best EV chargers.

For any EV owner, fast and convenient home charging is essential. The Home 3 Pro delivers with speedy top-ups, intuitive status lights, and flexibility to charge when electricity rates are lowest. Safety and reliability are assured by rigorous compliance with the latest UK and EU standards. By maximising solar self-consumption and avoiding peak times, running costs can be optimised. For a fuss-free home charging experience with power to spare, the Hypervolt Home 3 Pro’s polished design and smart functionality make it a compelling choice.

Alternative Chargers

The Ohme ePod is a fantastic home charger with physical buttons and an excellent app. It’s untethered (meaning you use a separate cable). It lacks solar integration but has the hardware to accept a CT clamp in the future.

Another decent option is the Indra Smart PRO with tariff integration, solar integration, and one of the best apps in the industry.

Also check out the BG Sync EV for the option of an untethered charger. This model also has the option of RFID.

Jakk is the founder and chief editor of Top Charger. He drives a Volkswagen ID.3 Family Pro Performance, and despite having a lead right foot, he consistently gets over 200-miles of range.