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What are the best chargers money can buy? Our EV charger rankings table ranks all the EV home chargers we’ve reviewed by score. Click or tap on the charger name to read the full review.

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Looking for a 3-pin charger?

EVJUICION 6M EV Charger Cable Type 2 to 3 Pin Plug

Best charger under £100

EVJUICION 6M EV Charger Cable Type 2 to 3 Pin Plug

Priced at under £140 with a 6m cable and under £150 for an 8m cable, this smart Type 2 to 3-pin EV charger has a a 1-year warranty, a cable bag, and compliance with IEC 62196-2 standards for safety. A great budget pick!

All Charger Rankings

Ohme ePod chargerOhme ePod4.7/5 🏆🏆
Hypervolt Home 3 ProHypervolt Home 3 Pro4.6/5 🏆
Zaptec goZaptec Go4.5/5 🏆
Indra Smart PRO Indra Smart PRO 4.5/5 🏆
Hypervolt Home 2.0 Hypervolt Home 2.0 (discontinued, replaced by the Home 3 Pro)4.5/5 🏆
Ohme Home Pro Ohme Home Pro4.4/5 🌟
Easee OneEasee One4.4/5 🌟
Zappi V2Zappi v2.14.4/5 🌟
bg sync evBG SyncEV4.3/5
Pod Point Solo 3Pod Point Solo 34.2/5
Wallbox Pulsar PlusWallbox Pulsar Plus4.2/5
Sync EVSync EV (now replaced by the BG Sync EV)4.2/5
ICS W7CICS W7C 4.1/5
Rolec WallPod HomeSmartRolec WallPod4.0/5
Ohme Home reviewOhme Home3.9/5
EO Mini Pro 2EO Mini Pro 2 (now replaced by EO Mini Pro 3)3.8/5
UntitledProject EV Pro Earth3.4/5

Based on our reviews, the five best EV chargers in 2023 are the Ohme ePod, Hypervolt Home 3 Pro, Zaptec Go, Indra Smart Pro, Ohme Home Pro, and Zappi v2.

The Indra Smart PRO has the excellent Kaluza app, solar integration, and a BOOST button that overrides any schedules and charge settings for max power.

The Hypervolt Home 3 Pro has one of the best apps, a premium design and voice control, as well as epic reliability and performance.

The Ohme Home Pro is our favourite charger with a display, with a unique feature for kWh price caps.

The Zappi v2.1 is the best EV charger for solar panels and renewables, with feeds for these and special charge modes for balancing.

Charger Comparisons

Zappi vs Ohme

Zappi and Ohme are brands at the top of their game with the Zappi v1.2 and Ohme ePod and Home Pro. The Zappi has unbeatable solar and renewables integration, so if you have solar panels, it’s the best option. The Zappi v2.1 is also available as a tethered or untethered charger. The Ohme ePod and Home Pro have a kWh price cap feature so you never pay more for electricity than you want, and they also have better app, but don’t do solar. Overall, our top-rated charger is the Ohme ePod with the Zappi v2.1 behind it.

Pod Point vs Ohme

Pod Point’s latest smart charger, the Solo 3, has a decent app and is available as a tethered or untethered unit. It’s also available as a 22kW 3-phase charger – ideal for car parks. It lets you schedule charging and monitor sessions. The Ohme chargers – ePod and Home Pro – have more smart features and the Home Pro has the advantage of an in-built display. Overall, the Pod Point is a decent charger, but the Ohme chargers are better.

Hypervolt vs Zappi

The Hypervolt Home 3 Pro is one of our highest-rated smart chargers, sitting above the Zappi charger for design and app experience. It integrates with solar and has a beautiful design with snazzy LED status lights. The Zappi has the advantage of being available as a tethered or untethered charger, and it also has an in-built display and control panel. We prefer the Zappi for solar integration and the Hypervolt for everything else.