Charging an electric car with no driveway isn't as difficult or as inconvenient as it's portrayed to be.

Instead of buying a car outright, with salary sacrifice you lease an electric car through your employer and pay for it through lower salary deductions.

Used electric cars offer an affordable entry point into the world of EVs, but scare stories about batteries going bad and costing thousands to replace put many people off.

There are immense opportunities and inevitable challenges that lie ahead as we transition away from combustion-powered cars.

With its LCD screen and control panel. the Ohme Home Pro makes charging a whole lot simpler.

The regulations require charging networks to have a reliability rate of 99% and offer real-time status updates.

The study compared Tesla vehicles that were fast charged over 90% of the time to those fast charged less than 10% of the time. It found virtually no difference in battery degradation rates between the two groups.

At some point, EV charging speeds start to taper off significantly. What gives?

A 12v battery is the most efficient way to power low voltage electrical systems like the ECU, alarm and 4G modem.