Voltempo’s HyperCharging could rocket charging hub rollout

30% cheaper and 70% faster to build


British company Voltempo has launched a revolutionary technology that will speed up the rollout of charging hubs across the country.

HyperCharging™ is a scalable ultra-rapid charging architecture that simplifies charging hub installation, speeding up time to completion while slashing costs.

A better way to build charging hubs

While traditional charging hub architecture is based on a one charger, one bay model, where each charger requires its own grid infrastructure, HyperCharging is based on a centralised model around a megawatt power core.

The megawatt power core can accommodate up to twenty-four vehicles, and only one charging station is required to deliver it.

This not only reduces groundworks and infrastructure complexity and cost, but also reduces space. With HyperCharging, charging hubs can be built in smaller spaces and charge more vehicles. More availability in less space!

So what?

This year, more charging hubs will be built than in 2020 and 2021 combined. Oil company Shell is turning underused fuel stations into charging hubs and Gridserve has announced 20 new charging hubs for 2022.

More petrol forecourts are also installing ultra-rapid and rapid chargers, creating hybrid fuel stations for all motorists.

However, there is a cost and infrastructure problem, which has created a growing divide between county areas and England’s cities.

For instance, London has more chargers than 36 counties combined and building charging hubs in many rural areas is impossible without new, extremely expensive grid infrastructure. In some areas, there isn’t enough infrastructure to put chargers in car parks! There goes one of the cheapest ways to charge.

Voltempo’s HyperCharging offers a potential solution.

Charging network operators can boost power with more modules without significant new infrastructure, and integrate HyperCharging with other power sources, such as off-grid solar, wind and energy storage systems to supplement grid demand.

Despite these wondrous features, the biggest benefits to HyperCharging are the power it delivers and its scalability. One power core can deliver 1,000kW of power, so you don’t need many to create a large charging hub.

Thanks to its centralised architecture, Voltempo estimates its product is 30% cheaper to install than traditional ultra-rapid chargers and 70% faster to install. Installation apparently takes days, rather than months.

You can see Voltempo’s HyperCharging technology in action at the company’s Technology Design Centre in Birmingham. The first installation is at Tyseley Energy Park in Birmingham, estimated for completion this year.

We invite you to find out more about the technology here.

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