London has more public chargers than 36 counties combined (really)

Car charger

We all know London is ahead of the game with public charging infrastructure, but the gap between London and rural counties is bigger than you think.

Analysis by the County Councils Network (CCN), first covered by i News, reveals that there are 7,865 public charging points in London and 7,781 in the 36 county areas the body represents, a deficit of 84.

Although the headline figure is shocking, Greater London is the most urbanised area in the UK and London the most populous city in Europe. So it makes sense for London to have more public chargers than anywhere else in the UK.

However, the disparity is still enormous. 36 COUNTIES. Indeed, the rest of the UK has a lot of work to do to create the infrastructure required for mass EV adoption.

Sam Corcoran, the County Council Network’s climate change spokesman, said: “Having a car is a necessity rather than a luxury in many county areas owing to a lack of public transport options, but we cannot incentivise people to switch to electric vehicles if the infrastructure is not readily available to support them. There is already a chasm between county areas and England’s biggest cities in charging points, and this must be addressed urgently to stop rural areas falling behind.”

Source: i News

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