Simpson & Partners delivers the sleek with Home Series EV chargers

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Simpson and Partners EV charger-min

New British EV player Simpson & Partners has launched three smart home chargers for the UK market.

The Home Series includes three smart chargers called the Home 7, Home 7 Plus, and Home 22 Plus, each offering Wi-Fi + Bluetooth smart charging via a free app.

Materials like anodised aluminium, painted die cast aluminium, plastic ASA-PC and Accoya wood put these chargers firmly in the premium mix. Yet they start from only £649, giving you a premium charger for a low price.

Simpson EV charger-min

Security is also baked into Simpson & Partners chargers, with secure data encryption, WEP, WPA, and WPA2. The Bluetooth connection requires a pin.

Here’s the lowdown:

Home 7

The Home 7 offers 7kW scheduled charging, lock mode, tethered and untethered modes, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and S-PEN protection with no need for an earth rod.

It has a metal front available in three colours and a grey plastic cap. It’s an untethered unit, but you can add a 6.8m eflex ultra flexible cable.

Home 7 Plus

The Home 7 Plus adds solar charging compatibility and Home Energy Manager compatibility via an Energy Manager device (see here), creating an intelligent energy management system that lets you monitor the energy usage of your home with daily, monthly, and yearly reports.

This model also offers a more customisable design, with 13 front metal plate colours and a metal or wood cap in 8 different colours.

The Home 7 and Home 7 Plus support 1.4-7.4 kW charging (6A to 32A Per Phase), giving you flexibility to charge in line with your home’s energy demands.

Home 22 Plus

The Home 22 Plus is the same EV charger as the Home 7 Plus in terms of designs and features, except it is built for 22kW three-phase charging.

This charger is best for workplaces, car parks, hotels, and premium gyms with the three-phase supply drawing significantly more power.

Founded by Andersen EV co-founders Mandy and David Simpson, Simpson & Partners is not affiliated with the ill-fated company now owned by EVIOS. It offers a new take on EV charging with premium hardware alongside software that just works.

Co-founder, David Simpson, said: “This is a huge moment for us, to be officially launching Simpson & Partners. Our brand-new factory in the Cotswolds is operational and producing The Home Series charging units.

“Simpson & Partners’ mission is to offer high-quality solar EV chargers that look amazing on the front of peoples’ houses, are reliable, simple to use, built to last – yet don’t break the bank for EV drivers.

“Our products have been crafted and manufactured with the best materials available; they will look as good in 10 years as they do the day they’re installed.

“In addition, the chargers are also solar compatible and sync to agile energy tariffs meaning drivers can use low cost, or even free energy and save money while charging.”

You can find out more at Simpson & Partners.

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