Gridserve upgrades 130 unreliable motorway chargers

Contactless payments and faster charging

IONIQ charging

Gridserve has replaced 130 motorway chargers based on obsolete technology, bringing faster charging speeds, contactless payments and more connectors.

The upgrade means all older style Gridserve chargers have been replaced with more reliable chargers offering speeds from 150kW up to 350kW. 350kW chargers can be found at the Swansea, Exeter and Burton-in-Kendal Electric Hubs.

As an early adopter of electric vehicles myself, the Electric Highway network played an essential role in enabling me to make the switch. However, those days are long gone and GRIDSERVE’s focus is delivering an EV charging network fit for purpose to support the mass-market transition to electric vehicles.”

GRIDSERVE CEO, Toddington Harper.

Last month, Gridserve opened the Electric Highway to other charger operators in a bid to improve competition. Gridserve held exclusive rights over service areas but relinquished control following an investigation by the CMA.

Gridserve’s electric infrastructure has been much-maligned because of reliability issues and payment problems. The new chargers look to have solved this problem, with the Electric Highway receiving favourable customer satisfaction ratings recently.

Source: Gridserve.

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