StoreDot semi-solid batteries to deliver 100 miles of range in 2-minutes

StoreDot semi-solid battery

StoreDot is developing semi-solid batteries for electric vehicles that will deliver 100 miles of range in 2 minutes flat.

A week doesn’t go by without a battery “breakthrough”, but this one is really exciting.

StoreDot, an Israeli developer of extreme-fast charging (XFC) batteries for electric vehicles, is on track to commercialise semi-solid batteries that will slash EV charging times by more than 90%.

The future is rapid. Very rapid.

Today, with ideal conditions, you can charge a car with 800V technology from 5-80% in around 18 minutes. With StoreDot’s battery, you can do it in less than five.

StoreDot’s semi-solid batteries will be capable of adding 100 miles of range on a 2-minute charge, with mass production of those models planned for 2032.

Before that, StoreDot will launch a semi-solid battery in 2024 capable of adding 100 miles of range on a 5-minute charge. They will then launch a semi-solid battery that delivers the same range boost in 3-minutes flat in 2028.

It all sounds too good to be true. but StoreDot is not a small, obscure company – they are owned by BP, Daimler, Samsung, and TDK, giants of the technology world.

The semi-solid batteries are currently in real-world testing with leading automotive manufacturers, with significant interest in putting the battery into production vehicles.

Volkswagen is also investing in semi-solid battery technology, partnering with 24M in December for their semi-solid technology.

It’s absolutely crucial that we give global automotive manufacturers a clear, realistic and hype-free roadmap for the introduction of our fast-charging battery technologies. After intense development of our silicon-dominant chemistries, we will be mass-production ready by 2024, delivering a transformative product that will overcome the major barrier to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles – charging times and range anxiety.

Dr Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO.

What are semi-solid batteries?

Semi-solid batteries have high energy density and high energy capacity, typically with a silicon-carbon anode material. The electrode is kept in a liquid state, eliminating the need for a drying stage. The electrolyte is mixed with metals to form a slurry, eliminating the need for binding agents and reducing the number of battery layers.

Semi-solid batteries are also as recyclable as lithium-ion batteries, so EV battery recycling efforts are not hampered by the technology.

StoreDot has named its battery projects 100in5, 100in3 and 100in2, to reflect the 100-miles of range in 5, 3 and 2-minutes.

An important aspect of the battery’s commercial viability is availability in pouch and 4680 form factors, the form factors favoured for passenger cars.

Of course, StoreDot isn’t the only company working on faster batteries. Sprint Power is working on a battery that achieves a 0-80% charge in 12 minutes, but StoreDot’s efforts look to have even greater potential. Watch this space.

Source: PR News Wire, StoreDot.

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