UK fleets slowly but surely embracing electric

59% of fleets are confident in electrification

Charging port

New research has found that 6 in 10 UK fleet managers (59%) are confident in building their fleet around electrification.

The research, from Alphabet, also uncovered some interesting findings around barriers to EV adoption for fleets.

According to the study, the main barriers for fleet EV adoption include charging infrastructure (22%), driver reluctance (27%), and cost (32%).

While charging infrastructure and cost concerns are typical, driver reluctance is a barrier that needs hurdling.

While electric cars have advanced considerably, electric vans, electric light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles are further behind. Proof of concept is difficult in vehicle segments where options are limited.

Despite these barriers to fleet EV adoption, 59% of fleets are confident in rolling out electrification and 25% are very confident. This shows that electric fleet modernisation is working, albeit more slowly than passenger cars.

David Rose, head of product at Alphabet (GB), said: “It’s been great to see the demand for electrified vehicles increase at such a rapid pace this last year and demonstrates a change in mindset taking place in both the industry and with consumers.”

“This research however shows there’s still work to do in the industry to support fleet managers in moving their electrification strategies forwards and overcoming potential barriers, such as driver reluctance, which more than a quarter of decision-makers highlighted as a concern. It is crucial that the correct guidance and advice is therefore provided for drivers, so they feel part of the journey throughout the transition.”

This story comes as it’s revealed only 40% of fleets use public chargers. That same study found more than half (54%) of fleet drivers who were considering electric vehicles said the lack of public charging infrastructure has prevented them from adopting the technology.

Source: Alphabet (GB). Image credit: Parkers.

James Lewis is our resident electrical head. He drives an MG ZS EV (2018, which he loves) and plans to get the new one soon. James is much more excited by the lower end of the EV market and is looking forward to the Ora Cat.