Wallbox launches Pulsar Max electric car charger kit

Pulsar Max Solar kit

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You can now buy the Wallbox Pulsar Max with an electric car charger kit on Amazon for the UK market. The charger kit includes a Power Meter 1 Phase 100A for solar charging and smart load balancing and a cable dock to keep your cable holstered.

In other words, the Wallbox electric car charger kit provides your electrician with everything needed for solar charging – backing up its credentials as one of the best solar EV chargers.

Wallbox Pulsar Max charging kit

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Pulsar Max electric car charger kit

The Pulsar Max charging kit makes solar integration easy with a Power Meter 1 Phase 100A. You also get a holster to stow your cable. It comes in at less than £800.

Wallbox Pulsar Max

The Pulsar Max was launched in 2022, aiming to make the transition to electric vehicles even easier. As the latest addition to Wallbox’s popular charging family, it brings updated features to deliver convenient and fast charging at home.

Tougher Design for Any Weather

The Pulsar Max features a rugged new design built to withstand both outdoor and indoor use. With an IK10 protection rating, the charger is ready for rain, snow, heat, cold or whatever your local weather throws at it. The scratch-resistant matte finish also gives it a premium look that will maintain its aesthetic over time.

Simpler Installation to Save Time and Money

Installing the Pulsar Max is now even easier thanks to a streamlined design. This updated installation process reduces the time and costs associated with getting your home EV charger up and running. For added convenience, installation services can be added right at checkout for a smooth, seamless experience without any hidden fees.

Smarter Charging for Savings

The Pulsar Max is compatible with solar charging, allowing you to avoid high energy tariffs and harness renewable energy. Intuitive scheduling features in the myWallbox app make it easy to charge when electricity rates are lowest.

The charger is also ready for Wallbox’s advanced energy management upgrades like Eco-Smart and Power Boost for maximised savings and sustainability.

New Colours to Match Your Style

Available in fresh new colors, the Pulsar Max allows you to add some personality that fits your home. Tasteful color options make charging an EV as fun as driving one.

All the Powerful Features You Expect

In addition to the new updates, the Pulsar Max delivers the performance and capabilities people have come to expect from Pulsar chargers. It provides up to 22kW of fast charging power, while still maintaining a compact 1.3 kg weight.

Both Type 1 and Type 2 cables ensure compatibility with any electric vehicle. Integrated PEN fault protection also means no earthing rod is required for installation. The tethered cable enables instant plug-and-go charging whenever needed.

Smart Controls for Convenience

The myWallbox app provides full control of the Pulsar Max via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Remote monitoring, real-time statistics, scheduling options and more.

Enhanced voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant allows hands-free operation. The new Halo Light Standby feature allows the halo light to remain off until the charger is interacted with, keeping charging more discreet.

Overall, the Pulsar Max retains the core capabilities of Wallbox’s trusted Pulsar line while adding thoughtful upgrades to deliver an improved home charging experience.

From tougher design to simpler installation to smarter charging features, the Pulsar Max makes transitioning to an electric vehicle lifestyle more convenient than ever.

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