Wallbox launches Pulsar Max EV charger

A crowd-pleaser with voice control and lots of colours

Wallbox Pulsar Max charger 2022

Wallbox has launched the Pulsar Max charger, which replaces the Pulsar Plus as the company’s flagship residential charger in the UK.

The Pulsar Max is available in a wider range of colours than the Plus – black, white, grey, blue, green, yellow – and is voice-enabled, letting you control your charger with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

You can program the halo light so that it will only turn on when you interact with the charger. This is an important feature missing from the Pulsar Plus, something we pointed out in our review of that model.

Wallbox Pulsar Max charging kit

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Pulsar Max electric car charger kit

The Pulsar Max charging kit makes solar integration easy with a Power Meter 1 Phase 100A. You also get a holster to stow your cable. It comes in at less than £800.

The Pulsar Max also has superior impact protection with an IK10 rating, which means it can survive a 10-joule impact (in real terms, a 10kg hammer with a swing of 40cm). The Pulsar Plus only has an IK08 rating (resistant to 5 joules).

Connectivity-wise, the Pulsar Plus has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and there’s a new software feature called Smart Scheduling Suggestions, which simplifies schedule making with pre-set schedules you can select with a few taps.

One of our favourite features is the ability to lock and unlock the charger in the app, so you can control the charger while on holiday.

If you have solar panels, the Pulsar Max also has solar integration with modes in the myWallbox app for Full Green (pure solar) and Eco (part solar, part grid) charging.

Pulsar Max specifications

  • Dimensions: 198 x 201 x 99 mm
  • Charging Power: 7.4kW, 11kW, 22kW
  • Cable length: 5 m (7 m optional)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Solar integration: Full Green and Eco modes
  • Optional features: Power Boost, Dynamic Power Sharing, Eco-Smart

Pulsar Max review

Overall, the Wallbox Pulsar Max is a decent update over the Pulsar Plus, bringing with it a stronger case, solar integration, more colour options, voice control and a programmable halo light.

Like the Pulsar Plus, the Pulsar Max is one of the smallest chargers on the market and this smallness makes it perfect if you need something inconspicuous. However, it also means the cable has little to loop around without a hook.

We’ll be testing and reviewing the Pulsar Max in detail soon. Stay tuned for more.  

You can download the Pulsar Max datasheet here.

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