Blink Charging EQ 200 Review

Blink EQ200 Review

Following Blink’s announcement that they are bringing the EQ 200 charger to the UK and Ireland, we’ve dived into the spec sheet and product features to produce a mini review before our hands-on experience.

The Blink Charging EQ 200 is a new electric vehicle charger designed to support the growth of sustainable transportation. As more drivers make the switch to electric vehicles, the need for convenient and fast charging stations is greater than ever. The EQ 200 aims to meet that need with its flexible, scalable, and user-friendly design.

Blink EQ 200

At its core, the EQ 200 is a Level 2 EV charger that provides 7.4kW 22kW of output power. It comes equipped with a 6.3m cable and Type 2 connector, making it compatible with a wide range of EVs available in Europe. Installation is straightforward, with the option to mount the compact charger on a wall or pedestal.

What really sets the EQ 200 apart is its smart capabilities. It can connect to the internet via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or 2G/4G/LTE cellular, allowing for remote monitoring, access control, and software updates.

The charger supports the OCPP protocol, enabling integration with advanced load balancing and energy management systems.

Seamless charging experience

For drivers, the EQ 200 creates a seamless charging experience. The LED-based HMI provides charging status information at a glance. RFID or QR code authentication simplifies access control. ISO 15118 and Plug & Charge compatibility enables secure, automated charging sessions.

The EQ 200 also sets the stage for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capabilities. In the future, EV batteries could feed stored energy back to the grid during peak demand. This bi-directional charging potential makes the EQ 200 a forward-thinking solution.

Safety and charging speed are top priorities for any EV driver, and the EQ 200 delivers on both fronts. It complies with the IEC 61851-1 standard for EV conductive charging systems, ensuring the charger safely provides power to the vehicle’s battery system. The EQ 200 is also tested and certified to meet electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations.

For charging speed, the EQ 200’s power output of up to 22kW significantly reduces charging times compared to lower powered Level 2 chargers.

It can fully recharge some EV batteries from empty in as little as 3 hours. The maximum 32A current delivers a faster charge to get drivers back on the road more quickly. The EQ 200 has an IK10 impact protection rating, making it suitable for public use, including parking garages exposed to the elements.


In terms of features, the EQ 200 comes well equipped for intelligent charging capabilities now and into the future. The LED-based HMI provides key charging indicators, while built-in RFID or QR code readers enable secure access control.

Smart network connectivity via cellular, WiFi, or Ethernet allows for remote monitoring, access management, and software updating.

The EQ 200 supports the latest EV charging protocols, including ISO 15118 and OCPP 2.0. This ensures compatibility with automated and networked charging through Plug & Charge as well as integration with charging management software.

Futureproofing features like bidirectional charging, HEMS integration, and V2G capabilities can also be activated with professional models.


With its blend of intelligent features, future-proof technology, and sleek yet robust design, the Blink Charging EQ 200 is a great home charger.

It provides drivers with the convenient, rapid charging that EVs require while also empowering smarter energy management for homes, businesses, and utilities. For those looking to embrace electric mobility, the EQ 200 delivers on all fronts.

Alfred drives a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus but has his eye on a fully-electric pick-up truck. He'd love an electric Ford Ranger, which should be a real thing in a few years!