Drive less than 60 miles per day? A 3-pin EV charger might be all you need

3-pin sockets low mileage ev driver

If you drive an electric vehicle but cover less than 60 miles in a typical day, you may not need to install a fast charger in your garage. A simple 3-pin socket, like you already have around your home, could be perfectly adequate for your charging needs.

Here’s why: 3-pin sockets add around 8 miles of driving range per hour. So, if you drive 60 miles per day, you can replenish that range in just seven and a half hours overnight.

The key is that a 3-pin socket, while charging slower than a high-powered Type 2 charger like a Pod Point Solo 3 or Ohme ePod, adds range steadily through the night during hours when your car sits idle anyway. For lower mileages, there’s no need for fancier or more expensive charging equipment – a 3-pin charger might be all you need.

Now some 3-pin charger cables even allow you to adjust the charge rate, giving you options to charge even faster if desired, and charging your car with a 3-pin plug doesn’t have to mean giving up any smart features or app control – you can still use the vehicle companion app to see, monitor, and control charging sessions

The best 3-pin EV chargers switch between 6 amps, 8 amps, 10 amps or 13 amps charging, letting you balance charge speed with avoiding electrical overload. Slower amperages also reduce heat build-up for safer overnight charging.

For daily mileages of 60 miles or less, a convenient 3-pin socket could provide all the overnight charging your EV requires. It’s a simple first step to going electric that leverages the charging hours you already have available. Give it a try and you might be pleasantly surprised that it meets your daily driving needs.

Here’s a decent 3-pin EV charger to get you started:

vogvigo 3-pin charger

We recommend

Vogvigo EV Charger Type 2 UK 3 Pin

The Vogvigo is backed by a two-year warranty and lets you adjust the charging speed from 6A to 13A. It’s an absolute steal at less than £140.

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