Connected Kerb plans 190k street charger rollout by 2030

Connected Kerb plans 190k street charger rollout by 2030

Connected Kerb plans to install 190,000 street chargers by 2030, with speeds ranging between 7kW and 22kW depending on local infrastructure.

The ambitious plan comes following a report by the UK100 which said the UK will need 325,000 public charge points by 2032 but is on track for a 250k deficit.

Connected Kerb has committed a £1.9bn investment in street chargers. Earlier this year, new partnerships with several local councils were signed, including West Sussex Council which has a partnership order for 10,000 installations.

Deals for further chargers are set to be announced in due course. Dr Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of Connected Kerb, said: “With deals confirmed for 10,000 chargers this year alone and 30,000 more expected next year, we are demonstrating that we’re getting on with the job and delivering the change that needs to happen – not just talking about it.”

Connected Kerb chargers

Connected Kerb’s on-street chargers include 7kW single-phase and 22kW three-phase chargers concealed as bollards, lamposts and other inanimate objects.

Here’s a quick rundown of the models:

  • Connected Kerb Gecko: 7-22kW with 5G connectivity. Concealed as street furniture like bollards and lamposts.
  • Connected Kerb Limpet: 7kW, installed in car parks wall-mounted. The limpet suits areas with very limited space.
  • Connected Kerb Armadillo: 7kW, made from recycled tyres. Designed to sit against the kerb and available with single or dual sockets.

Connected Kerb is a British company with big ambitions. Their plan for 190,000 street chargers is realistic and we can’t wait to see them smash it.

Source: Clean Technica.

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