EVIOS launches EVIOS One smart charger 

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British company EVIOS has launched its first charger for the home market, the EVIOS One, which integrates with energy tariffs for cheap rates.

The EVIOS One promises to make charging as simple as possible with handy features like PIN code function, voice control and a large colour touchscreen.

It’s available for single-phase and three-phase connections, charging up to 7kW on single-phase (up to 25 miles of range per hour) and 22kW on three-phase (up to 90 miles of range per hour).

EVIOS One charger-min

You can schedule charging sessions, override schedules with a power mode, and integrate your energy tariff so the EVIOS One charges only when it’s cheapest. You can also integrate your microgeneration system and charge with solar panels.

Our favourite feature is the touchscreen, which gives you full control over charging sessions at the charger, including a PIN lock. It comes as standard with a 5-metre cable with a 7.5-metre cable available optionally.

Like the Zappi v2, the EVIOS One has a large body that lets you wrap the cable around it, making it a neat installation despite being tethered.

The EVIOS One is priced from £1,195 including installation or you can bag it for £33 per month over three years. It’s excellent value for money.

EVIOS One review

With a colour touchscreen, voice control and energy tariff integration for dynamic pricing, the EVIOS One is a brilliant piece of kit.

We love the PIN code feature and the app, which gives you a complete breakdown of charging sessions and lets you allocate sessions to different vehicles.

There are three charging modes (Pure Speed, Pure Green, Pure Value), with Pure Value using your energy tariff to charge at the cheapest rates.

The hardware is incredibly robust and installation is simplified thanks to in-built earthing (no earth rod needed). It’s suitable for internal or external installations.

Connectivity-wise, the EVIOS One has a Wi-Fi hub, which plugs into your internet router and provides the connection to the charger. This is similar to the Zappi v2 and is designed to provide a stable connection.

Overall, the EVIOS One is a fantastic home charger with voice control, a PIN lock, a handy touchscreen and single and three-phase support.

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