Wireless electric vehicle chargers are coming

No plugging in, no hassle

Wireless EV chargers

Imagine parking up and getting a boost without plugging in. Wouldn’t that be bliss?

The technology is closer than you think. Wireless EV chargers are coming, and they will transform our relationship with electric vehicles.

A better way to charge

If you have a smartphone with wireless charging, you’ll know how convenient it is to charge this way. Although it is often slower than plugging in, wireless charging is easier and requires less effort.

Wireless EV charging will be precisely the same, giving you a power boost without needing to plug in.

Theoretically, you could park over an induction plate built into the road, and your electric vehicle will automatically connect to the supplier for payment.

It might sound futuristic, but a trial in the UK is already underway and plans to commercialise the technology are in motion.

The 12-month trial is in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, in collaboration with Hiyacar. It involves ten Renault Zoe’s equipped with a wireless charging kit.

The way it works is an induction charging kit is installed on the electric car, which can then use an induction charging plate built into the road, which could be on a street, car park or anywhere else with public access.

The charging plates can also be installed in off-street parking zones like driveways, opening the door to wireless EV charging at home.

Wireless charging plates built into the road are a better infrastructure solution in space-saving projects than charge points that take up space on the street. As char.gy’s public trial rolls out, we look forward to tracking their progress and seeing where the technology goes.

Other wireless EV charging developments

Siemens and MAHLE have teamed up recently to develop inductive charging systems that are powerful enough for electric cars.

In Detroit, a wireless EV charging road is being trialled, with this technology charging electric vehicles in motion rather than parked.

Alfred drives a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus but has his eye on a fully-electric pick-up truck. He'd love an electric Ford Ranger, which should be a real thing in a few years!