Veolia announces UK EV battery recycling facility

UK EV battery recycling Veolia

Resource management company Veolia has announced its first EV battery recycling facility, capable of recycling 20% of the UK’s end of life EV batteries by 2024.

The new facility in Minworth, West Midlands, will play a pivotal role in recycling spent EV batteries and contribute towards a closed-loop manufacturing cycle, where recovered materials are used to manufacture new EV batteries.

Veolia’s battery recycling facility will be configured to accept batteries in their functional forms, with facilities to discharge and dismantle them.

This should create an efficient recycling process as the company takes control of the various stages, cutting out most outsourced processes.

This is an important first step on the UK’s journey to create an ethical and sustainable supply chain for batteries that will be increasingly necessary as we transition to a greener economy.

We will not reach carbon neutrality without increasing our investment and the development of new technologies and recycling opportunities. As the demand for electric vehicles increases, we will need this facility – and more like it in the UK – to ensure we don’t hit a resource crisis in the next decade.

Alongside other projects across the globe, bringing Veolia’s expertise to the UK recognises the size of the national market and appetite to recycle locally and responsibly. Urban mining is essential if we are to protect raw materials and will in turn create a new, high-skilled industry.

Gavin Graveson, Veolia senior executive VP.

In other battery recycling news, British company Technology Minerals is also creating a battery recycling process to recover battery metals.

Source: Veolia

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