UK’s largest EV charger superhub takes shape


The UK’s largest public charger super hub is taking shape with construction work starting at Redbridge Park & Ride in Oxford. The new Oxford super hub will host more than 30 public charging stations with speeds up to 300kW.

The site is being built by Pivot Power, an EDF company, with work coordinated by Oxford City Council. The superhub will be located outside the bus terminal.

The installation of fast and ultra-rapid EV chargers will make charging faster and more convenient for hundreds of people every day, with an estimated 300 vehicles able to charge over a 24-hour period.

The installation will include:

  • 10 Fastned chargers up to 300kW
  • 16 Gamma Energy chargers at 7-22kW
  • 12 250kW Tesla Superchargers for Tesla drivers

In total, the superhub will have 38 public chargers available, and the site will be meticulously maintained to make sure all the chargers are fully operational.

The superhub will be powered by 100% renewable energy, partly generated using solar panels and with renewable energy from the grid. The Oxford super hub will be directly connected to the National Grid’s high voltage transmission network.

In a superhub first, the Oxford super hub will also have a 50MW hybrid battery that stores electricity to charge vehicles without putting stress on the grid. The battery also works both ways, so can supply the grid with renewable energy from the hub’s solar panels.

The chargers will be open 24/7 with the opening date set for Spring 2022. Further sites are planned for 2022 and 2023, led by Pivot Power with assistance from Oxford City Council, University of Oxford, Habitat Energy, Kensa Contracting, and Invinity Energy Systems.

Source: Oxford Gov.

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