Are IKEA car chargers free? No – but they are reasonable

are ikea car chargers free

IKEA is renowned for its affordable and sustainable home furnishing solutions, and in keeping with its green values, the Swedish retailer has installed electric vehicle chargers at all its stores across the UK. But are these IKEA EV chargers free to use?

The answer is no – you do need to pay to charge your electric car at IKEA. However, the rates are very reasonable compared to many other public charging networks – in fact, they undercut some rapid chargers by 40%. IKEA has partnered with renewable energy provider GRIDSERVE to supply and operate its EV charging stations.

Charging Rates at IKEA EV Chargers

The cost to charge your EV at an IKEA store is £0.49 per kWh. This rate applies regardless of whether you are using a standard, fast or rapid charger.

While not free, £0.49 per kWh is cheaper than most other public charging networks in the UK – For example, Instavolt rapid chargers cost £0.85 per kWh.

The flat rate also means IKEA EV charging prices are easy to understand, with no complex tiered pricing plans. You simply plug in and get billed per kWh usage.

Charger Types Available

The IKEA EV chargers supplied by GRIDSERVE include a range of connector types:

  • Type 2 – for all plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles
  • CCS – for most newer battery electric vehicles
  • Chademo – for some electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf

Power outputs range from 7kW up to 150 kW for rapid charging. With a maximum rate of 150 kW, you can charge a compatible EV from 10% to 80% battery in around 25 minutes.

With standard, fast and rapid options, IKEA caters for all types of electric vehicles. Whether you need a quick top-up or want to maximise charging speed, there is a suitable charger available.

Find Your Nearest IKEA Chargers

IKEA has installed EV chargers at all of its stores nationwide. To find your nearest chargers, open the GRIDSERVE map and search for ‘IKEA’.

This will display available stations at your local store. You can click on each site for specifics like connector types, power outputs and current availability.

Before setting out, double check charger availability on the live map. That way you can ensure there is currently capacity and minimise waiting times when you arrive.

100% Renewable Energy

Part of IKEA’s sustainability commitment is to source 100% renewable energy across its operations. The electricity powering the EV chargers at IKEA stores also comes from renewable sources.

So not only can you charge at reasonable rates, but the energy you use comes from green sources like solar or wind. This allows IKEA customers to reduce their carbon footprint when recharging their EVs.

Affordable and Sustainable Charging

Are the IKEA EV chargers completely free? Unfortunately not – but at just £0.49 per kWh the rates are very fair. Plus all electricity comes from renewable sources, enabling greener travel choices.

For affordable and sustainable EV charging options, your local IKEA store has you covered. Be sure to take advantage next time your EV battery is low.

IKEA’s investment in EV charging infrastructure

IKEA UK has announced a £4.5 million investment to build a nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for its delivery fleet. By installing 196 chargers, including 53 rapid chargers, at IKEA stores and a new distribution center, the company aims to reach 100% zero emission deliveries by 2025.

The charging network will power IKEA’s growing fleet of over 500 electric delivery vehicles by 2025. It will also be available for partner delivery vehicles. Using renewable energy sources to power the chargers further supports IKEA’s sustainability commitments.

This investment builds on existing EV charging points at IKEA stores for customer use. Combined with the home delivery infrastructure, customers can now have IKEA products delivered sustainably regardless of shopping method.

IKEA’s progress aligns with UK Government decarbonisation targets and has received Government praise. IKEA is partnering with renewable energy company Mer to handle implementation and ongoing management of the charging network.

Jakk is the founder and chief editor of Top Charger. He drives a Volkswagen ID.3 Family Pro Performance, and despite having a lead right foot, he consistently gets over 200-miles of range.