StoreDot’s 10-minute EV battery takes shape

StoreDot 10 minute battery

Technology company StoreDot has shown off its next-generation semi-solid battery that delivers a 0-80% charge in ten minutes.

We first covered StoreDot’s development of semi-solid batteries in March when the company announced it was bringing to market an 18-minute battery by 2024, capable of adding 100 miles of range on a 5-minute charge.

The demonstration of the new battery technology featured a 300×100 mm pouch cell which was charged from 0-80% in a snip under ten minutes, equivalent to 100-miles of range every five minutes. The battery was manufactured by StoreDot’s Chinese partner, EVE Energy.

Test showed capability of charging 100 miles in 5 minutes, with the equivalent of 200 miles charged in 10 minutes, and was based on available StoreDot pouch cell battery technology

StoreDot CEO Dr Doron Myersdorf said in a previous announcement that the development of their silicon-dominant chemistries is reaching the mass production stage, and the latest demo offers a tantalising glimpse into what we can expect.

Semi-solid batteries have an electrode kept in a liquid state, eliminating the need for a drying stage. The electrolyte is mixed with metals into a slurry, eliminating the need for binding agents and reducing the number of battery layers.

StoreDot’s battery is designed for the EV industry and will be available in pouch and 4680 form factors at launch (the same form factors used by electric vehicles). It also requires only standard lithium-ion manufacturing equipment to make.

Source: StoreDot

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