Best Small Chargers 2023: Small But Mighty EV Chargers

The best small chargers money can buy


If you don’t want a beast of a charger on your wall, you can get a small home EV charger instead. Small EV chargers are just as powerful as bigger chargers and some have the added benefit of being installable on posts.

A small home EV charger can be an excellent addition to your home, providing you with the convenience of fast charging your electric vehicle quickly and easily. Most homes with a single-phase power supply support charging up to 7.4kW, giving you around 30 miles of range per hour. Expect to pay between £899 and £1,299 for EV charger installation, although some energy suppliers are now offering EV chargers with the costs absorbed into tariffs.

Our favourite small EV chargers include the Ohme ePod and Zaptec Go, but there are plenty more like the BG Sync EV as listed in our best EV chargers guide – this also includes larger units like the Zappi v2.1.

If you want a super small and portable charging solution, Type 1 chargers are 3-pin chargers that add around 8-miles of range per hour. Charging an electric car with a 3-pin plug is perfectly safe with the right hardware and the chargers take up no wall space. They might be all you need if you do less than 60-miles per day.

Still fancy a fast Type 2 charger? We’ve listed the best of the best below.

What is a small EV charger?

Before jumping into our list, let’s define what ‘small’ is for an EV charger.

The Ohme ePod is one of the smallest home chargers on the market, so we’ll use that as the benchmark. It measures 230mm (H) x 140mm (W) x 100 mm (D).

Any charger below 250mm x 250mm in width and height is small, so we’ll use those two dimensions to define small chargers. So, every charger on our list is smaller than 250mm in width and height. The depth allowance is 125mm.

With a small home EV charger, you can be sure that your vehicle will be charged and ready to go when you need it. They are no different to larger smart chargers, although they don’t usually have a display (the Ohme ePod is the exception).

Let’s jump in! Here are the best small EV chargers you can buy:

Quick list of the best small chargers

  • Best overall: Ohme Home Pro
  • Best untethered: Ohme ePod
  • Best with RFID: Zaptec Go
  • Great all-rounder: BG Sync EV

You can find more EV chargers on our charger rankings page and in our best EV chargers guide.

Editor’s pick: Ohme Home Pro

Ohme Home Pro review


  • Tethered
  • 7.4kW
  • Size: 175mm x 200mm x 100mm (H x W x D)
  • Price: £699 with OZEV grant (£899 without)


  • No earth rod
  • Display and control panel
  • Small
  • 4G (3-year SIM included)
  • Excellent app
  • Wall mount for charger head


  • No solar support
  • Limited API support (some vehicles won’t send data to the Ohme App, limiting the smart features available)
  • Locking could be easier

The Ohme Home Pro charges at the fastest possible single-phase AC speed of 7.4kW, adding up to 30-miles of range per hour.

What makes this small charger special is the in-built screen and control panel, which eliminates the need to use your phone or vehicle to control charging. The cable tidy is a simple, elegant loop that looks great but does stick out a bit from the wall.

The Ohme app is the best EV charger app we’ve tested so far, with reliable connectivity and snappy performance. Ohme put in the extra miles to create great hardware and software, making the Home Pro feel like a polished product.

You can set up kWh price caps, schedule charging, lock and unlock the charger and access all data via the excellent Ohme app.

View the datasheet here.

Best small untethered charger: Ohme ePod

Ohme ePod installation-min


  • Untethered
  • 7.4kW
  • Size: 230mm (H) x 140mm (W) x 100 mm (D).
  • Price: £1,180 without the OZEV grant although installation costs can be lower than £1,000.


  • Small
  • No earth rod
  • Buttons to pause, stop, and start charging
  • kWh price caps
  • Reliable 4G connectivity – so there’s no need for a stable Wi-Fi connectionm


The Ohme ePod is an attractive, small-footprint EV charger packed with smart features. Its slim chassis and interactive buttons give it a clean look that blends nicely into garages and driveways without hogging space. Yet despite its diminutive profile, the ePod delivers robust 7.4kW charging power to quickly replenish EV batteries overnight.

At the core of the ePod experience is Ohme’s intuitive app. It enables key smart charging capabilities through the ePod, including charge scheduling, variable rate optimisation, and vehicle integration. Drivers can set charging to begin when rates are lowest and finish before departure. The app also provides real-time charging status, costs, and vehicle data.

The ePod’s sleek buttons add tactile control alongside the app. Located subtly along the charger’s side, owners can start, stop, and pause charging sessions with one touch. The illuminated LED strip relays charging activity at a glance. This combines physical inputs and visual feedback to make a streamlined charging interface.

With a durable yet attractive shell, the Ohme ePod scores points for its savvy yet unfussy design. Small touches like the interactive buttons and hidden cable channel showcase Ohme’s attention to detail. The matte black finish resists scuffs and blends with its surroundings. Despite offering advanced features under the hood, the ePod maintains a clean, compact aesthetic perfect for smart charging that stays out of the way.

Best small charger with RFID: Zaptec Go

Zaptec go side profile


  • Untethered
  • 7.4kW
  • Size: 242mm x 180mm x 75mm (H x W x D)
  • Price: £1,149 for installation without the OZEV grant.


  • Small
  • No earth rod
  • LED light ring
  • Supports RFID cards, making it great for shared chargers


  • Lacks kWh price caps like Ohme chargers
  • No solar

The Zaptec Go makes smart charging wonderfully simple. This pint-sized wall unit packs a robust 7.4kW output into a chassis that’s over 80% smaller than a typical home EV charger. Despite its modest dimensions, the Go doesn’t compromise on features.

RFID is a big deal for the Zaptec because it makes it the best option for shared parking spaces and apartments.

Its integrated Type 2 socket and handy cable management system make connecting to an EV slick and tidy. The Go’s LED halo clues drivers in on charging status with eight distinct colors for key conditions like charging, scheduling, errors, and firmware updates.

The free Zaptec smartphone app enables remote monitoring and control over charging sessions. Users can view real-time stats, create charging schedules to take advantage of cheaper nighttime rates, and grant access to friends and family.

Over-the-air software updates keep the system current while the built-in 4G modem or WiFi ensures uninterrupted connectivity. The swappable front fascia comes in six stylish color options to match any décor.

With robust design and simplified controls focused strictly on charging execution, the Go provides fuss-free smart charging. Its ultra-compact footprint combined with sharp aesthetics make this tiny dynamo an ideal plug-and-play EV charging solution. For uncomplicated home charging with premium fit and finish, the Zaptec Go checks all the boxes.

The most underrated: BG Sync EV

BG Sync EV charger review


  • Tethered or untethered
  • 7.2kW
  • Size: 175mm x 125mm x 125mm (H x W x D)
  • Price: £599 with OZEV grant (£749 without)


  • Small
  • Tethered or untethered
  • The tethered and untethered version lets you wrap the cable around it
  • Has an interchangeable front fascia, letting you change the colour of your unit.


  • The app isn’t as good as Ohme’s or Zaptec’s app
  • No solar integration

The BG Sync EV makes smart home charging a cinch. This 7.4kW wall unit combines robust build quality with handy features like a integrated cable wrap and dynamic load balancing. It puts app-based controls and charging flexibility into a compact, weatherproof package.

Despite its modest size, the Sync EV delivers up to 32 amps for a full charge in around 4 hours. The free Monta app enables charge scheduling to take advantage of cheap overnight electric rates. It also provides real-time stats on charging sessions.

The Sync EV simplifies installation thanks to the built-in earth leakage protection and open PEN conductor monitoring. This eliminates the need for a separate earth rod or RCD in many cases. Firmware updates keep the unit current while the LED halo relays status from across the room.

With a 3 year warranty and backing from BG’s sterling UK support, the Sync EV provides exceptional value. From its savvy feature set to robust construction, the BG Sync EV checks off all the must-haves for fuss-free smart charging at home.

A buyer’s guide to small EV chargers

Looking to install a home EV charger? A “small” Type 2 charger with dimensions roughly 250mm wide and high is a great option for garage or outdoor wall mounting. When browsing EV chargers, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Dimensions: Compact Type 2 chargers take up minimal wall space while still delivering ample 7-22kW charging power. Measure your intended mounting area to ensure the charger, outlets, and cable hook-ups will fit.
  • Cable Entry: The position where the power cable enters the charger enclosure matters. Bottom cable entry works well when wiring will come up through the ground. Back entry is best for power cables coming directly out from the wall.
  • Warranty: Most small Type 2 chargers have a standard 3-year warranty. But Zaptec stands out by offering a 5-year warranty, demonstrating greater confidence in longevity. Check warranties before buying as they indicate expected working life.
  • App Quality: An app allows convenient charger scheduling, usage monitoring, and access control. Research the usability and reliability of each charger brand’s app through consumer reviews. For example, Ohme and Zaptec apps score well for ease of use and are well supported by developers.

Additional factors like charging speed, output power, integrated cable locking, and network connectivity also impact buying decisions. Reputable brands to consider include Ohme, Zaptec, and BG Sync EV – these brands make the best small EV chargers in my opinion. Take dimensions and fully understand setup requirements before installation day.

Summing up

When it comes to home EV charging, bigger isn’t always better. For many drivers, a small, streamlined charger gets the job done just as well without dominating the wall or driveway. Our picks for best small EV chargers prioritise svelte footprints and simplified controls while still packing robust charging power.

Overall, we recommend the Ohme Home Pro as the best balance of size, features, and performance. Its tidy dimensions house an intuitive control panel and bright display for at-a-glance charging status. Yet it still pumps out a full 7.4kW to charge most EVs overnight.

Second place goes to Ohme’s ultra-compact ePod. Its interactive buttons and LED light strip provide physical controls to start, stop and monitor charging sessions. The free Ohme app enables remote monitoring and smart charging capabilities from your phone. For a truly discrete profile without skimping on charging speed, the ePod is hard to beat.

Those wanting a streamlined charger optimised for shared use should consider the Zaptec Go. Its integrated RFID reader lets residents assign charging access via tap-to-charge cards or fobs. Scheduling and activity monitoring is handled through Zaptec’s app.

The BG Sync EV is a stylish option offering unobtrusive yet potent charging, making it one of our favourite small EV chargers money can buy.

Do you have one of the EV chargers on this list? Perhaps you have another recommendation? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

Jakk is the founder and chief editor of Top Charger. He drives a Volkswagen ID.3 Family Pro Performance, and despite having a lead right foot, he consistently gets over 200-miles of range.