Pod Point launches Solo 3 smart charger

Pod Point Solo 3 smart charger

Pod Point has launched their all-new smart home charger, the Solo 3.

The Solo 3 is available tethered or untethered and supports charge speeds up to 7KW single-phase and 22kW three-phase.

What’s new?

Boasting an all-new design, the Solo 3 is sleeker than the Solo. It measures 330 x 290 x 112 mm, so it’s the same height as the Solo but 2cm narrower and 2cm thinner. It has IP54 ingress protection and weighs just 3.5kg.

In addition to its sleeker design, the Solo 3 has a tougher polycarbonate case than the Solo. The Solo had an ABS case that was easier to crack.

The status bar has also been moved to the top of the Solo 3 from the bottom, providing a more intuitive ‘at a glance’ experience.

Electricians will notice that the circuit board and wiring are different inside the unit, with a more compact configuration.

Pod Point Solo 3 specifications

Charge speeds3.6kW, 7Kw, 22kW
SocketsUntethered or tethered
Power balancingAutomatic
Case materialPolycarbonate
ConnectivityIEEE 802.11bgn Wi-Fi
Dimensions 330 x 290 x 112 mm

Pod Point Solo 3 review

The Pod Point Solo 3 is an incremental update over the Solo, bringing a sleeker design and an upgraded polycarbonate case.

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Inside, the Solo 3 has an upgraded circuit board and wiring configuration, designed to offer more space inside the unit for easier installation.

Compared to an alternative charger like the Hypervolt Home 2.0, the Pod Point Solo 3 lacks solar charging, but this is only a problem if you have solar panels.

We expect the untethered Solo 3 to be the most popular model due to the cheaper price and it being offered for free with some vehicle purchases. For example, Audi includes the Solo 3 with some e-tron purchases.

Overall, the Solo 3 is a tidy update without any new bells and whistles. We’d have liked to see solar support, but Pod Point had other ideas.

You can find out more about the Pod Point Solo 3 here.

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