Only 1 in 4 public chargers installed last year were rapids

Queues for charge points are a real possibility if rapid chargers do not keep pace with EV adoption, says the RAC.

RAC analysis has revealed that only 1 in 4 public chargers installed last year were rapid or ultra-rapid chargers, with the RAC warning that queues are increasingly likely if investment in rapid chargers does not increase.

While investment in public chargers overall is very good, the rollout of rapid and ultra-rapid chargers is not keeping pace with EV sales.

RAC analysis shows that in the first three quarters of 2021, 4,109 fast chargers were installed compared to 1,043 rapid and ultra-rapid chargers.

The RAC has warned that this higher proportion of fast chargers (below 43kW) will only increase charging queues.  

Sarah Winward-Kotecha, the RAC’s director of electric vehicles, said: “The number of public chargers isn’t yet keeping pace with the volume of new electric cars coming onto the road, and most devices being installed are still slower ones.

“While this is fine for somebody who leaves their car at an office while they’re at work, they’re pretty unhelpful in other places like shopping centres and supermarkets where a driver’s vehicle will be parked for a shorter period.

“Neither are slow chargers ideal for motorists who rely on the public network because they can’t charge at home. What we don’t want to see are queues for charge points becoming a common sight as the electric revolution gathers pace.”

The RAC’s analysis comes following an i News report in December last year that found that current funding measures for public chargers are not only inadequate but there is no vision or clarity over what a rollout should look like.

Thankfully, the public charger rollout in 2022 should increase the number of rapid chargers by several thousand at least.

End-of-year statistics will tell us how far we have come from 2021’s 1 in 4 situation, with industry experts predicting rapid chargers to close the gap to 2 in 4 installations.

Source: Telegraph.

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