How to easily calculate any EV’s charging time

You can easily calculate any electric vehicle’s 0-100% charge time by dividing the vehicle’s battery capacity by the charging point’s charge rate. Here’s the formula:

Battery Capacity  ÷ Charge Speed = Charge Time

Here’s an example:

Your electric car has a 60kWh battery and you are charging at 7.4kWh. Charging from 0-100% will take 8 hours 10 minutes (60kWh ÷ 7.4kW = 8.10). Charging at 11kW will give you a 100% charge in 5 hours 45 minutes.

Some car manufacturers add 10-20 minutes to these charge times to be on the safe side, but our basic formula rings true for most EV’s.

What about DC chargers?

Our formula works for DC chargers too, but only to 80% charge.

DC chargers restrict charge speeds after 80% as a safety mechanism to stop the vehicle’s battery from overheating.

DC Fast Charging stations can top up an EV’s battery to 80% in 30-60 minutes. For example, a 100kW charger will top up a 60kWh battery to 80% in at least 60 minutes. Use our formula to calculate the 80% charge.

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