Quanergy launches EV charging robot with LiDAR at CES (it comes to you!)

Quanergy EV charger robot

Imagine EV charging robots autonomously navigating the city streets and charging parked cars.

No, you’re not in the year 2032! We’re at CES 2022, where Quanergy and iCent are showcasing an advanced EV charger robot for the South Korean market.

The friendly-neighbourhood robot delivers charging in areas without many charge points, giving drivers a boost without fixed installations.

The EV Charger robot aims to increase the adoption of electric vehicles and reduce emissions in South Korea. The robots ‘see’ with Quanergy’s LiDAR sensors and QORTEX DTC mapping software, giving it advanced 3D perception.

The idea is that in urbanised areas that lack a sufficient number of public chargers, the robots will be deployed to charge cars. Drivers will be able to book a robot and connect to it, leaving their vehicle while the robot does its thing.

The technology behind the robot is very interesting. The robot has a 360-degree field of view, driven by Quanergy’s M-Series LiDAR sensors that have 95% accuracy in all ambient conditions. The robots are programmed to navigate streets safely, map efficient routes, and receive over-the-air updates to reduce maintenance.

The vision AI software is provided in iCent, which enables the EV charging robots to make intelligent navigation decisions autonomously.

“EV charging robots will rapidly expand the infrastructure needed to accelerate the growth of the EV market and make eco-friendly cars more practical for the public. Quanergy’s strong position within the smart city industry and their advanced 3D LiDAR solutions provide the reliability and accuracy required to support this application. In addition, Quanergy’s M-Series LiDAR sensor has been well-received as a trusted solution with great performance that’s also extremely easy to use.”

Won Sang Moon, CEO at iCent.

How long will South Korea have to wait for the robots to hit city streets? They will be deployed by local Korean governments throughout the country starting at the end of 2022. We can’t wait to see them in action.

Let’s just hope they don’t become self-aware.

Source: Business Wire.

James Lewis is our resident electrical head. He drives an MG ZS EV (2018, which he loves) and plans to get the new one soon. James is much more excited by the lower end of the EV market and is looking forward to the Ora Cat.