62 miles of range in 3 minutes! Meet the world’s fastest charger


Technology company ABB has unveiled the world’s fastest EV charger – the Terra 360 charges at speeds of 360kW and can add 62 miles of range in 3 minutes!

For context, the latest generation of Tesla’s Superchargers offers peak rates of 250kW, a significant drop on ABB’s offering.

The charger is so powerful it can charge up to four vehicles at once, making it perfect for busy car parks, service stations and cities.  

Hard and fast, just how we like it!

Range anxiety creeps up on all of us from time to time, and charge speeds of 30 minutes to 80% can become tiresome. Today’s 800-volt charging technology – the fastest in the land – will only offer a 0-80% charge in 18 minutes.

So, the ABB Terra 360 is a significant upgrade. It’s the most powerful EV charger in the world, built to handle industrial, commercial and consumer requirements.

The company says an 80% charge is possible in less than 15 minutes, with the ABB Terra 360 kicking out up to 360kW to cars that support it.

No electric cars in the world support charge speeds of 360kW, but with the charging technology now there, it’s only a matter of time. Expect to see premium brands like Tesla, Rimac and Porsche adopt it before everyone else.

Source: ABB

Alfred drives a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus but has his eye on a fully-electric pick-up truck. He'd love an electric Ford Ranger, which should be a real thing in a few years!