Tesla’s Supercharger network is class-leading for user experience 

The best thing about my Tesla Model 3 is that I don’t have to fumble about with a card or smartphone app when I use Tesla’s Supercharger Network – all I need to do is plug in the cable and start charging automatically.


This isn’t magic, but a feature of the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Superchargers – my car is linked to my Tesla account, and the car communicates with the Supercharger. Thus, billing is handled automatically by these two systems.

The system is so perfect that I actively avoid all other types of public charging stations. I’m known to drive 10-20 miles further to find a Tesla Supercharger, preferring to access faster charge speeds more conveniently.

A recent drive in the Volkswagen ID.3 made me realise that Tesla gets a lot of things right, which makes up for the many things it gets wrong.

For example, my Tesla Model 3 has had paintwork problems from new, spending eight weeks in a body shop over the last 12 months. However, the technology, semi-autonomous driving and charging experience is class-leading.

Brands like Volkswagen and Hyundai produce arguably the best all-around electric cars on the market today, even better than Tesla when you drill into the numbers. But Tesla has the cult following I look for and the features to match.

Alfred drives a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus but has his eye on a fully-electric pick-up truck. He'd love an electric Ford Ranger, which should be a real thing in a few years!