Total number of public EV chargers in the UK jumps 38% in one year

UK public charging figures for July 2023

The UK government’s latest figures reveal ongoing growth in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across the country. As of July 1, 2023, there were 44,020 public EV charging devices installed nationwide, a 10% increase from April 1. Rapid charging devices, rated over 50kW, rose 11% in that period to 19% of all public chargers.

Over the past year, the total number of public EV chargers in the UK jumped 38%, adding 12,009 devices since July 2022. Rapid chargers increased 42%, with 2,487 new public fast chargers added.

However, the distribution of EV charging points remains uneven. London and Scotland have the most chargers per 100,000 people at 152 and 73, respectively. The UK average is 66 per 100,000. Northern Ireland lags at 23 per 100,000, followed by the North West and East Midlands at 39 and 43.

All UK regions saw growth in total EV chargers from April to June 2023. The East of England led with a 26.1% increase, while Scotland had the smallest gain at 1.7%.

The expanding UK public EV charging network reflects rising EV adoption. But more growth is needed to achieve the government’s net-zero emission goals. Ongoing investment and infrastructure development across all regions will be key to enabling future EV uptake.

Instavolt leading the way?

A great example of this investment is InstaVolt. InstaVolt is rapidly growing the UK’s largest rapid electric vehicle charging network. The company plans to install 10,000 fast chargers nationwide by 2030. InstaVolt already operates over 1,200 rapid EV chargers across the UK.

The network is expanding at a quicker pace than any other British charging company. InstaVolt’s ambitious expansion goals aim to match rising EV demand and support the UK’s 2030 fossil fuel vehicle phase-out target. The company’s planned charging infrastructure growth seeks to enable reliable, convenient rapid charging for the fast-rising number of electric vehicles on British roads.

Source: Gov. Image credit: Instavolt.

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