Local authorities snubbing grants for on-street residential chargers

Electric van charging

The On-Street Residential Charge Point Scheme (ORCS), a Government grant available to local authorities to install on-street chargers, has seen little interest according to DfT data.

According to the latest data, the ORCS funded only 2,039 chargers up to 1 January 2021 despite being open for more than a year.

This is nothing in comparison to the OZEV grant schemes for homeowners, which saw 277,030 installations up to 1 January 2021.

The low take-up of the ORCS is a cause for concern for motorists that have no driveway or off-street parking. An estimated 40% of households have no off-street parking, making on-street parking essential.

The grant is supposed to fund charger installations on streets, including fixed and rising types, but according to the DfT, only 435 on-street chargers were installed with the ORCS grant over the last three months.

This is simply not enough to meet demand.

If you are a motorist living on a street without on-street charging, get in touch with your local authority to request installation.

The On-Street Residential Charge Point Scheme offers a lot of funding, covering £13,000 per charge point installation in 2022.

You find out more about the grant here.

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