British Gas EV Chargers – Everything you need to know

British Gas EV Chargers a full guide for consumers

Going electric? You can make the switch to an EV charger from British Gas and power up for less. As a leading energy provider, British Gas offers two smart EV charging solutions – the compact EO Mini Pro 3 and the robust 7.4kW Alfen Eve S Single charger. Conveniently, you can spread the cost by adding your EV charger to your monthly energy bill over 10 months interest free, rather than paying hundreds upfront. An even better offer is they will refund 100% of your charging costs for 12 months. This makes getting set up with home EV charging simple and affordable.

EV Chargers from British Gas

British has offers two chargers: the EO Mini Pro 3, and the Alfen Eve S.

The EO Mini Pro 3 is a sleek, compact single phase charger perfect for garage or driveway use. With a maximum 7.2kW output, a full charge takes under 8 hours. You get variable charging current up to 32A, allowing you to adjust the power based on your electrical supply. It’s ready for open integration with any back-end management system.

The Alfen Eve S offers very similar specs but with a slightly larger, more heavy duty build. Both chargers include smart features like scheduling through an app, energy monitoring, and automatically charging when energy rates are cheapest.

Key specs for both models are outlined below:

EO Mini Pro 3

  • Up to 7.2kW charging
  • 6-32A charging current
  • WiFi, Ethernet & Bluetooth connectivity
  • App control & energy monitoring

Alfen Eve S Single

  • 7.4 kW capacity
  • Compatible with Type 1 & 2 connectors
  • Available in tethered or untethered
  • App control & charge scheduling

British has has a partnership with Hive, and other than the EO Mini Pro 3, they don’t offer other EV chargers – this is the fundamental drawback of the deal: choice.

There are better chargers out there such as the Pod Point Solo 3 and Hypervolt Home 3 Pro. Ohme also has two better chargers in the ePod and Home Pro.

British Gas FreeCharge

British Gas FreeCharge is an exclusive offer for British Gas customers that refunds 100% of your charging costs over 12 months. If you pair your new EV charger with any British Gas tariff, they will refund 100% of your charging costs for 12 months. 

This is the cheapest way to charge your EV at home. Otherwise, expect a 10% to 15% rise in your electricity bill without FreeCharge.

British Gas EV Charger Installation

When ordering your British Gas EV charger, you choose whether to add expert installation by their engineers for £500. This is recommended for seamless, safe setup. Their engineers will assess your electrical system, handle all paperwork, and install your charger adhering to strict safety standards. Key steps include:

  1. Share photos so they can view your electrical setup.
  2. Complete a questionnaire about your electrical appliances.
  3. Have a video chat to discuss your home and ask any questions.
  4. Schedule your installation visit.

British Gas’s offering works out cheaper than getting an EV charger installed by buying the hardware and getting an electrician. Our EV charger installation costs guide covers these costs in more detail.

Who should get a British Gas EV Charger?

Opting for your EV charger through British Gas has excellent incentives when paired with one of their electricity tariffs.

You’ll get 12 months free EV charging, saving significantly on running costs. Their smart scheduling technology charges your vehicle at off-peak times (much like an EV tariff) when energy rates and demand on the grid are lowest. This “FreeCharge” offer is automatic as long as you have a smart meter installed. It means charging an electric car won’t increase your electricity bill at all for one year.

The British Gas EV package offers solutions for most needs and budgets. For Green energy customers looking to reduce emissions, their smart charging optimises for renewable sources. Spreading costs over 10 months also makes these EV chargers accessible without huge upfront fees.

Ultimately British Gas EV chargers check all the boxes – affordable, convenient, fully-featured, and harnessing smart energy management. Any homeowner looking to electrify their commute should strongly consider their options.

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