You can now find public chargers in Waze

Waze EV chargers added to app

If you use Waze for smartphone navigation, you can now find EV chargers directly in the Waze app. This feature is a long time coming after Google added charging stations to Google Maps way back in 2018.

Waze, which is owned by Google, is something of a fringe navigation app after being acquired by Google in 2013. It has a loyal following and users claim it offers better navigation than Google Maps for many routes.

On the EV charger side of things, up until now, Waze was missing the ability to find public chargers in the app. If you wanted to do that, you needed another navigation app like Google Maps, Bing Maps or Apple Maps.

Personally, I don’t use Waze after a brief fling with it in 2014. I found the ads extremely annoying and pledged to never use a navigation app with ads again. However, I understand why some people prefer the layout and navigation directions.

Truth be told, Google should just merge the two apps. There is almost nothing Waze can do that Google Maps can’t do.

Still, adding EV chargers to the Waze app is a positive step, and I look forward to seeing what other app changes are in store for 2022.

Source: Waze.

James Lewis is our resident electrical head. He drives an MG ZS EV (2018, which he loves) and plans to get the new one soon. James is much more excited by the lower end of the EV market and is looking forward to the Ora Cat.