Waze to include compatible EV chargers in routes

Waze charger feature

Google-owned Waze is making it easier for EV owners to charge up on the go. The company has announced a new feature that will help people find compatible EV charging stations based on vehicle type and plug type.

“Finding a charging station for your electric vehicle just got a lot easier. Starting today, you’ll be able to enter your electric vehicle (EV) car and plug type into the Waze app to find relevant EV charging stations along your route. This feature will roll out globally over the coming weeks.”

Users simply enter their vehicle model and plug type into the Waze app and it will locate the most convenient charging station nearby.

The feature looks to solve the problem of outdated or unreliable information about charging points by using local Map Editors from the Waze Community to keep data updated in real-time.

The new feature is expected to roll out globally in the coming weeks and seems to follow on from Google’s recent integration of the Maps app with some EVs from top manufacturers such as Volvo, General Motors and Renault.

This additional development is part of the company’s effort to find eco-friendly routes for all kinds of vehicles.

Waze is a GPS-based app that helps users find the fastest route to their destination. Additionally, it includes features like an integrated traffic report, speed camera alerts, police traps, and more. It also allows users to share their own information with the community in order to help others on their route.

Source: Waze (Google).

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