VW partners with 24M Technologies for SemiSolid battery tech

VW and 24M battery

Volkswagen has partnered with 24M Technologies to adopt the company’s revolutionary SemiSolid battery platform.

The battery maker has developed a next-generation lithium-ion battery cell production method that has a semi-solid electrolyte.

The SemiSolid manufacturing process simplifies lithium-ion manufacturing, slashes costs, and enables the rapid building of gigafactories.

In SemiSolid electrodes, the electrolyte is mixed with metals to form a slurry, eliminating the need for binding agents. Inactive materials are removed, along with processing steps like drying, solvent recovery and electrolyte filling.

During production, the electrode is kept in a liquid state, eliminating the need for a drying stage. It uses fewer electrodes, reducing the number of layers and the amount of filler in the battery structure by as much as 80%.

Perhaps the most significant advantage to SemiSolid production, however, is that manufacturing time is around two thirds shorter than traditional lithium-ion production. As a result, manufacturing costs are slashed.

In addition, SemiSolid batteries are recyclable in standard lithium-ion facilities, requiring no special investment for EV battery recycling.

Volkswagen’s partnership will see them use 24M Technologies’ manufacturing process and adopt the SemiSolid battery architecture.

“The target is to generate considerable cost optimization in future battery production, by reducing material usage and eliminating several steps from the conventional production process. For this purpose, a new Volkswagen-owned subsidiary will further develop and upscale the technology for automotive applications based on 24M IPs,” the automaker said.

VW plans to build at least six gigafactories by 2023, with the SemiSolid battery production process forming a core part of their plans.

In other battery news, solid-state batteries have taken another step closer with Factorial Energy signing an agreement with Mercedes-Benz.

Source: 24M & VW (press).

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