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vorsprung ev charging cable

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VORSPRUNG Rapid EV Charging Cable

This Type 2 charging cable can handle loads of up to 7.68kW and is rated up to 32A. It’s CE & TUV certified for safety and comes with a carry case plus end caps to protect the charger heads – perfect for all EV owners!

The VORSPRUNG Rapid EV Charging Cable is the perfect solution for electric vehicle owners needing more flexibility and range when charging their cars, including:

  • EV owners whose stock cable won’t reach their preferred charging location. With 10 metres of reach, you can charge inside the garage, on the driveway, or anywhere on your property without limitations.
  • Used EV buyers who didn’t get an OEM charging cable. This affordable aftermarket cable lets you charge right away.
  • Anyone needing extra charging reach, like distant chargers in parking garages. The 10-metre length enables optimal placement flexibility.

With its lengthy 10 metre cable, this charger provides the extra reach required to charge vehicles parked further away, such as on the street or in more distant garages and parking spaces.

The long cable length eliminates the need to inconvenience yourself by moving your vehicle closer or repositioning the charger whenever you need to plug in.

This Type 2 EV charging cable is also ideal for EV owners who have a detached or portable charger rather than a wall-mounted one. The 10 metre cable gives you the freedom to place the charger wherever is most convenient.

Take the charger outside with you to charge in the driveway, move it around the garage as needed, or set it up in a different location when traveling.

Rather than tracking down an expensive OEM cable or settling for a lower quality aftermarket one, the VORSPRUNG cable provides a high quality and reliable solution.

Alternatively, you can get the VORSPRUNG Titan if you want a tethered charger on your property – the in-built cable makes life a little easier.

Safety certifications

With its durable construction and safety certifications, new EV owners can charge their vehicles with confidence using this cable.

  • The industrial-grade ABS housing withstands daily use without wear and tear. Sturdy latches keep connections secure.
  • IP65 rating makes the cable dust proof and water resistant for indoor and outdoor use in any conditions.
  • Cold temperature rating of -25°C enables charging year-round.
  • UL94 V0 flame retardant materials and IK08 impact resistance provide lasting safety.
  • Overvoltage, surge, and short circuit protection provide complete electrical safety.

The portability, durability, and 10 metre length also make this charger ideal for workplace and commercial charging applications.

The cable can reach across parking lots or garage floors to serve multiple vehicles. And its rugged design means it can withstand regular handling and transportation without wear and tear over time. Whether for an EV fleet, employee charging stations, or customer charging at a business, this charger is up for the task.

No matter your charging needs, the VORSPRUNG 10 metre cable provides the reach and flexibility demanded by EV owners and operators.

Priced at less than £200 on Amazon with a carry case included, this high-performance EV charging cable delivers in every way.

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James Lewis is our resident electrical head. He drives an MG ZS EV (2018, which he loves) and plans to get the new one soon. James is much more excited by the lower end of the EV market and is looking forward to the Ora Cat.