UK introduces regulations for electric vehicle charging network reliability

UK charging regulations

New regulations are set to be introduced in the UK, requiring the electric vehicle (EV) rapid charging network to have a reliability rate of 99% and offer real-time status updates.

The aim of the new Public Charge Point regulations is to improve the charging experience for EV owners and eliminate range anxiety. The regulations will set a minimum standard for public charge reliability, with an emphasis on ensuring the durability and constant use of charging units.

Additionally, all chargers will be required to provide real-time data on their status, giving potential users greater information.

Charging firms will also need to clearly display the cost of using a unit. Failure to comply with the requirements could result in fines of up to £10,000 per unit.

The new regulations were welcomed by the industry, which seeks to make the UK a leading destination for EV charging. The government also confirmed a £1.6bn investment in 300,000 new charge points by 2030.

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