UK government rolls out £381m funding for local EV chargers

gov local charger funding

The UK government has announced a £381 million Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Fund (LEVI) and a £15 million Residential On-Street Charger Fund, in a new transport decarbonisation package.

Each region of the UK is set to be provided with a different amount of funding towards the purchase of new chargers.

The South East has been allocated the highest sum of money, with a total of £54 million, whereas the North East is receiving £22 million.

London is allocated the most within local authorities, receiving £36 million, and the smallest sum goes to Rutland at £257,000.

Technology and Decarbonisation Minister Jesse Norman commented on the new proposals and said: “As today’s announcements show, the government is doing more than ever to help the UK move away from petrol and diesel and towards electric vehicles. The UK is leading the way in decarbonising the transport sector, one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases.”

Additionally, the government has set out a ‘Zero Emissions Vehicle Mandate’, which will come into effect in 2024. Under the new criteria, car manufacturers will have to meet a certain percentage of fully-electric sales with penalties of up to £18,000 per vehicle if they fail to do so. Manufacturers can trade credits with EV-dominant carmakers to still meet the criteria.

Source: Government.

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