With simple installation, flexible charging options and compliance with the latest standards, the BG Sync EV is an excellent choice as a home charger.

Stylish, smart and available tethered and untethered, the Solo 3 ticks plenty of boxes.

The Ohme ePod is the perfect smart charger for those looking for an unobtrusive, neat and discreet EV charger installation.

The Zaptec Go is a stylish and well-made smart charger packed with useful features like RFID.

The Zappi v2 is a fantastic smart home charger. It’s British made, built to last and solar integrated.

The Easee One is a stylish smart home charger, excelling as a simultaneous charging solution thanks to the ability to have three units on one fuse

The Sync EV is simple and easy to use, with an LED status ring, RFID card control and decent build quality.

The QUBEV charger unlocks 7.2kW charge speeds on the cheap with no smart features.

As untethered chargers go, this is a good one. It's easy to use and reliable, with a decent app and a handy LCD display.

Looking for a smart charger that’s affordable and easy to use? The Rolec WallPod might just be the perfect charger for you.

Looking for a smart charger that lets you tap into cheap tariff rates? The Indra Smart PRO offers this and a bounty of other features.

The EO Mini Pro 2 is a tiny, inconspicuous 'smart' home charger that gets the job done simply.