Rolec launches facelifted WallPod charger

Small updates to a decent charger

Rolec WallPod new 2022

Rolec has launched a facelifted version of the WallPod:EV charger, complete with a new look and automatic dynamic load balancing.

The new WallPod has a brand-new case with new colourways, and modernised LED status lights set into a halo around the socket.

It also comes as standard with automatic dynamic load balancing via a CT clamp and Rolec’s TruePEN PME fault detection, so no earth rod is required.

The Rolec WallPod is one of our favourite small smart chargers, achieving a score of 4/5 in our review, and this new version looks even better.

While it is an iterative update, the new WallPod smart charger improves on the basic design of its predecessor with more kerb appeal.

New WallPod specifications

Charge speeds3.6kW (16A), 7.2kW (32A)
Smart featuresSmart charging control via the app
Load balancingDynamic, automatic via CT clamp (CT clamp & 5m cable included)
Case materialPolycarbonate
ConnectivityGPRS, Built-in modem and roaming SIM
Dimensions 179mm x 367mm x 142mm (W x H x D)

Like the previous version, the new WallPod is available as the HomeSmart smart charger and as a dumb charger, so there’s a model for everyone.

The dumb version is the same size as the smart version but works as a pure plug and play device, which you might prefer. However, most people will be best off with the HomeSmart version to access smart scheduling.

Here’s a recap of the new features:

  • New polycarbonate case
  • LED halo status ring
  • Dynamic load balancing

Overall, this is a mild update to an already good charger. We’ll get our hands on one soon for review. Stay tuned!

Source: Rolec.

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