Polestar charges ahead with Ohme home chargers

Credit: Polestar.

Electric vehicle maker Polestar has announced a new partnership with smart charging company Ohme to become its official home charging supplier in the UK.

The collaboration will see Polestar showcase Ohme’s Home Pro charger in its retail spaces, recommending the devices to Polestar 2 buyers as part of an effort to provide customers with smart, cost-effective home charging solutions.

Ohme Home Pro review 2
Ohme Home Pro

According to Ohme CEO David Watson, the partnership “underlines Ohme’s position as one of the UK’s fastest growing dynamic smart charging companies.” He highlights that Ohme’s technology gives EV drivers “control to get more from their EVs,” making it a natural fit for the progressive electric car brand.

Polestar UK head Jonathan Goodman echoed this sentiment, stating Ohme’s renewable energy optimization and potential cost savings align with Polestar’s sustainability commitments and customer-focused ethos.

Ohme’s smart chargers can modulate charging power based on National Grid demand, automatically charging an EV when electricity prices are lowest.

For example, running a Polestar 2 Long Range on Ohme’s ‘Intelligent Octopus Go’ tariff could cost just £103 annually, versus £385 on a standard tariff.

Polestar has also teamed up with green energy supplier Octopus Energy to offer £30 credit to customers who switch their home energy supply. The incentive provides access to Octopus’ cheaper, greener EV tariffs like ‘Intelligent Octopus Go’ to reduce charging costs.

For a limited time, Polestar 2 buyers will also receive a complimentary Ohme home charger installation worth £949 – further sweetening the proposition.

The news caps off a standout year for Ohme, recently named Fast Track Company of the Year at the UK Green Business Awards. The company also took home Best Electric Charging Point Provider at the Business Motoring Awards, underlining its rapid rise to become a key player in the UK’s EV transition.

With Polestar delivering revolutionary electric vehicles and Ohme providing smart home energy solutions, this partnership seems poised to accelerate EV adoption through lower running costs and easier home charging. As two sustainability-focused companies at the top of their game, this is one collaboration we’re excited to see power ahead.

Source: Ohme.

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