Osprey to add 110 Tritium fast chargers to its charging network

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Osprey has announced it will add another 110 Tritium fast chargers to its charging network in the UK, spanning 40 new charging destinations.

The chargers will be installed in car parks, retail locations and along major transit routes, delivering rapid charging speeds across the country. There will be 40 new charging destinations powered by Tritium’s charging technology.

“It’s a race to meet the ever-growing demand for EV charging in the UK, and we aim to be Britain’s rapid charging network of choice,” said Ian Johnston, Osprey Charging Network CEO. “To achieve our goal, we required a cutting edge and reliable technology partner, and Tritium is a perfect fit. Easy and intuitive user experiences are key to EV uptake, and Tritium excels in developing products that are not only relevant to the market, but also so easy to use. And, with their modular and scalable charging technology, Osprey gets market-leading reliability and the flexibility to easily increase charger power.”

Ian Johnston, Osprey Charging Network CEO

Osprey ranked third place in Zap-Map’s 2021 charger satisfaction survey, beaten only by Instavolt (#1) and MFG EV Power (#2). Osprey has one of the best reputations with drivers for operating a reliable EV charging network.

Tritium is a global manufacturer of DC rapid chargers. Their catalogue includes the world’s smallest 50kW DC charger and a 350kW DC charger that can add up to 217-miles of range in 10 minutes, providing the vehicle has 800V technology.

As part of its order, Osprey will install a mixture of Tritium chargers, including the mid-range 175kW rapid charger. The chargers will be installed and operated under a lease arrangement, where the units are leased from Tritium.

This announcement comes following news that Osprey will install 150 charging hubs in the UK, with each hub hosting up to 12 rapid chargers.

Source: Tritium (PR).

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