First Graphene seals funding for pouch cell supercapacitors

First Graphene has announced funding from Innovate UK to develop proof-of-concept pouch cell supercapacitors.

The pouch cell supercapacitors will use First Graphene’s unique hybrid-graphene material and optimised protic ionic liquid electrolytes. 

They weigh less than standard supercapacitors, replacing the rigid enclosure with a flexible foil. The foil slashes weight by around 20% and reduces overall device size, making it easier to fit it into small spaces (such as electric vehicles).

The funding, totalling £15,000, will be matched by the company to accelerate the research of pouch cells. The cells will have applications in electric vehicles, able to hold more energy and discharge faster than lithium-ion batteries.

We are grateful for the ongoing support from Innovate UK EDGE which will allow us to maintain momentum on progress towards game-changing supercapacitor technology. We look forward to engaging with and developing this novel supercapacitor technology alongside the experts at WMG.”

First Graphene Managing Director and CEO Michael Bell

In our article discussing graphene batteries, we looked at supercapacitors and their inherent flaw; they don’t stay charged for long periods, making them unsuited to EVs. However, pouch cell technology could offer a solution.

Another technology making waves is solid-state batteries, which are backed by some of the world’s biggest automakers.

Source: First Graphene

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