evec EV Charger Review: Making Smart Charging Affordable

evec VEC01 smart ev charger

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evec EV Charger

Priced at less than £400 with a fantastic app and adjustable power settings of 3.7kW/7.4kW, the evec EV charger is perfect for most homes.

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Installing a home charger is a necessity for many prospective electric car owners, but high upfront costs put many people off. The untethered evec EV charger (VEC01 model) and VEC03 (tethered version) are excellent options that balance performance, safety, and affordability.

evec charger review

This 7.4kW charger offers an affordable and user-friendly charging solution perfect for any home. The charger is compact and modern with a slimline design, making it an unobtrusive addition to any exterior wall.

Though small, it doesn’t compromise on durability thanks to its corrosion resistant housing and IP55 weatherproof rating. It can withstand temperatures from -25 to 50°C, so it’s equipped to handle the elements in all seasons.

In terms of design, the VEC01 and VEC03 feature an LED display that clearly indicates charging status and any error messages. The bright lights make it easy to monitor charging progress from a distance. Its Type 2 socket provides universal compatibility, able to charge both Type 1 and Type 2 equipped vehicles when paired with the proper cable.

We appreciate the VEC01 and VEC03’s abundant safety features, including built-in PEN protection to safeguard your vehicle and home electrics. It automatically adjusts charging current to stay within safe system limits. The charger is also CE and UKCA certified, meeting stringent European safety standards.

Smart charging capabilities

For smart charging capabilities, the VEC01 and VEC03 are OCPP 1.6 compliant. This enables remote monitoring, charging scheduling, and tracking through the evec smartphone app. You can customise charging speeds, view real-time status updates, and receive notifications – even when away from home.

Home charging is not one-size-fits-all, so the adjustable 3.7kW to 7.4kW power output is a major perk. This flexibility allows you to tailor charging speed to your needs and work within the electrical limitations of your home. The VEC01 and VEC03 also support load balancing when paired with a smart energy meter.

We’re impressed by its premium features and reliability, especially given its affordable price tag. Evec stands behind the product with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, providing peace of mind.

For any homeowner looking to embark on electric vehicle ownership, the user-friendly and weather-resistant VEC01 and VEC03 chargers are an excellent choice.

Who are evec?

evec provides affordable, innovative EV charging solutions to make electric vehicle ownership accessible, aiming to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport by removing financial barriers. Their smart, resilient chargers offer efficient and cost-effective home charging.

The VEC01 EV charger is their latest low-cost socketed model while the VEC03 is their cheapest tethered model, both with adjustable power settings of 3.7kW or 7.4kW, making them ideal for most homes.

Priced at less than £400 Amazon, the evec EV charger is one of the most affordable smart home chargers on the market.


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