EV cable holders: The best holsters, brackets and hooks – 2023 update

Tidy your cable in the smartest way possible

ev cable tidy - green wallbox

We recommend

Green Wallbox EV Charger Type 2 Wall Mount Dock

This durable, weatherproof Type 2 wall mount securely stores and organises EV charging cables. Easy installation. Made from UV-stable plastic, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Comes with mounting hardware. Priced around £30.

EV cable holders come in all shapes and sizes. From holsters to hooks, this article covers the best of the best.

There are loads of EV chargers that don’t come with a decent cable holder, forcing your hand to buy a hook, bracket, or dock to keep your charging cable off the floor.

Not to worry – there are plenty of good EV cable holders and most cost less than £20.

EV cable holders are essential accessories if you have a 3-pin or untethered charger because they let you store EV charging cables on the wall, rather than on the floor or in a bag that you have to dip into whenever you charge.

Cable holders, hooks and brackets range from single hooks that you loop your EV cable around, to solutions that let you slot the charger head into a holster.

In this article, we’ll list our favourite cable brackets and holders to help you tidy up your EV cable for good. Disclaimer: this article contains affiliate links.

Let’s jump in!

Best EV charging cable docks, brackets, and organisers

wallbox cable holder for ev charging cables

For any EV charging cable

Wallbox Cable Holder

This cable holder is made from high-strength aluminium, powder-coated black or white (we prefer the black version). It’s compatible with any EV charging cable and costs around £36.

Want an EV cable holder with a holster for a Type 2 cable? We recommend the VORSPRUNG Type 2 Strong EV Holder Wall Bracket:

vorpsrung cable holder for type 2

Best overall

VORSPRUNG Type 2 Strong EV Holder Wall Bracket 

A strongest EV cable holder made of industrial-grade ABS to securely hold EV charging cables up to 30KG. With an airtight fit protecting chargers from weather, it’s easy to install and fits Type 2 chargers. Comes with a 1-year guarantee and costs less than £15.

The VORSPRUNG cable holder is our favourite product because it’s inconspicuous, but it doesn’t have a padlock hole. If you want to store your cable outdoors, we recommend getting a lockable cable holder like this one:

egnio type 2 charger holder with padlock

For Type 2 charging cables

Egnio Type 2 EV Cable Organiser with Padlock

This wall-mounted EV cable holder stows your Type 2 charger head and the cable, keeping everything neat. It’s compatible with all Type 2 chargers and comes with a padlock, letting you safely store your cable outdoors. It costs less than £25.

Don’t need a padlock hole? Then you can get the Egnio cable organiser without one:

egnio type 2 charger holder

For Type 2 charging cables

Egnio Type 2 EV Cable Organiser

This sturdy, wall-mounted EV cable holder keeps EV charging cables off the floor. Compatible with all Type 2 chargers, it’s made of durable ABS to withstand the cable weight. The modern design looks great and it costs less than £20.

Nat a fan the Egnio’s design? The LOTHID wall mount dock looks very different:

lothid cable holder

For Type 2 charging cables

LOTHID Type 2 Wall Mount Dock

Fitting all Type 2 handles, this wall mount dock is made of durable ABS plastic holding over 30KG. Easy to install and protecting your charger from weather and damage, it maximises space while keeping cables tidy and secure. Priced at only £23.

Want to spend even less? The UYUong cable holder is visually similar to our favourite item the VORSPRUNG:

UYUong EV charger cable holder for Type 2

For Type 2 charging cables

UYUYong EV Charger Holder Type 2

This heavy duty ABS electric vehicle charger holder securely mounts Type 2 chargers to walls, keeping cords organised and plugs protected from damage. Easy installation with included hardware. Fits most EV charger models and costs less than £15.

Already have a cable hook and just need a Type 2 holster? The SOMA Type 2 holster is our favourite:

soma cable holder for type 2 charging cables

We recommend

SOMA Cable Holder Type 2

The SOMA Cable Holder is a highly-regarded EV cable holder, with a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon based on 500+ reviews. It’s compatible with any Type 2 charger head and priced at less than £25.

EV Charging Cable Holder Buyer’s Guide

With many options on the market, how do you choose the right EV cable dock or bracket? Here are the key factors to consider:

Type of Charger

The first thing to determine is whether you need a universal dock that fits any cable, or one designed for your specific EV charger. For example, Type 2 chargers have a larger, bulkier head that requires a dock with a holster to hold it securely. Check the product description to ensure compatibility with your charger.

Mounting Location

Will the dock or bracket be mounted indoors or outdoors? Outdoor mounts need to be weatherproof and UV-resistant. If mounting outdoors, look for a dock with a padlock hole for security. Indoor mounts focus more on aesthetics.

Build Quality

Look for docks and brackets made of durable ABS plastic that can bear the weight of the cable without cracking or breaking. Steel or aluminum mounts offer strength for very heavy cables. The mount should attach securely to the wall with included hardware.

Weight Rating

Compare the dock’s max weight capacity to the heft of your EV cable. Heavier Level 2 charging cables require mounts rated for at least 15-30KG to avoid sagging or detachment from the wall over time.

Design & Appearance

For indoor use, choose a dock or bracket that matches your home’s aesthetic. Streamlined, minimalist designs blend into modern décor, while sturdier industrial mounts complement utilitarian spaces. Outdoor mounts prioritise function over form.


EV cable docks and brackets range from £15 to £50. Less expensive options made of plastic get the job done, while pricier docks offer greater durability and weight ratings. Set a budget and look for the best product available within it.

Ease of Installation

Choose a dock or bracket that can be installed quickly and easily with common household tools like a drill. Many come with the necessary wall anchors, screws or bolts. Ideally, the mount should require only simple measuring and drilling pilot holes.

Hopefully, this article gives you a few ideas for your cable. If you have a recommendation, be sure to leave a comment below.

James Lewis is our resident electrical head. He drives an MG ZS EV (2018, which he loves) and plans to get the new one soon. James is much more excited by the lower end of the EV market and is looking forward to the Ora Cat.