Britishvolt’s Northumberland gigafactory is a go with £100m in Government funding

Britishvolt gigafactory

UK lithium-ion battery manufacturer Britishvolt has announced Government funding for its Northumberland gigafactory.

The Government has allocated around £100m in funding for the new gigafactory, which will manufacture lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

When built, the Britishvolt gigafactory will make enough li-ion batteries for 300,000 vehicles per year, around 25% of national demand.

How big is it in real terms? 50 football pitches would fit in it!

Eco-friendly, low-carbon EV batteries

Britishvolt was founded in 2019 and will play a key role in the Government’s 10-point plan to decarbonise.

Their gigafactories will manufacture eco-friendly, low-carbon battery cells through a responsible global supply chain, which will include renewable energy and off-grid energy, water recycling and reuse, and fleet electrification.

They also aim to reduce hazardous materials in lithium-ion batteries and use recyclable materials. Importantly, the company is investing in battery recycling, and their battery cells will be designed for recycling at the end of their life.

The Northumberland gigafactory will create 3,000 direct highly-skilled jobs and another 5,000 indirect jobs across the EV supply chain.

This announcement is a major step in putting the UK at the forefront of the global energy transition, unlocking huge private sector investment that will develop the technology and skills required for Britain to play its part in the next industrial revolution.

The news is the first step in creating a commercialised battery ecosystem, that perfectly aligns with the existing R&D ecosystem. Britishvolt will be the anchor for attracting further sections of the supply chain, be it refining or recycling, to co-locate on the Britishvolt site. This not only shortens supply chains but also allows for partners to access the abundance of renewable energy on site to truly power low carbon, sustainable battery production.

It will also allow us to catapult our unique tailormade business proposition on a global scale, with sites already selected for development in other countries.

I’m especially proud that this is such a major boost for Northumberland – the county of my birth – bringing around 3,000 direct highly-skilled jobs and another 5,000+ indirect wider supply chain roles into the region.

This is a truly historic day and marks the start of a truly exciting move towards a low carbon future. One with Britishvolt batteries at the very centre of that strategy.”

Peter Rolton, Britishvolt executive chairman.

Source: Britishvolt

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